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In 1986, the American musical Olympus was replenished with a group called Sweet Children, in the style of punk rock. The fascination of the band members with cannabis led to a change in name and entire identity. The Green Day logo comes from a slang phrase from where the band originated, reflecting the features of the performance style.

Green Day: Brand overview

Founded: 1987–present
Founder: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt
East Bay, California, U.S.
Green Day is an American band performing music in several genres: alternative rock, pop-punk, and punk rock. She appeared in 1986, but until 1988 she was known as Sweet Children. The new name of the band is connected with the fact that its members were fond of marijuana.

Meaning and History

Green Day Logo History

Different logos are used in different albums of musicians.

What is Green Day?

Green Day is one of the most successful American punk rock bands. It began as a 924 Gilman Street club scene but, having gained its fans, gradually separated from it and gained wide recognition. This happened in 1986.


Green Day Logo 1989

The debut Extended Play (1,000 Hours, 1989) featured the group’s name in angular, dark green letters.

1990 – 1992

Green Day Logo 1990-1992

The cover of the first full-length collection of songs (39 / Smooth, 1990) was adorned with light green lettering “GreeN DaY” with black outlines and white blurred outlines.

1992 – 1994

Green Day Logo 1992-1994

The second compilation (Kerplunk, 1992) used the 1989 logo.

1994 – 1995

Green Day Logo 1994-1995

The cover of the third album (Dookie, 1994) contained a green-yellow inscription “GREEN DAY” with a 3D effect. An explosion was depicted in the background, which looked like a white cloud.

1995 – 1997

Green Day Logo 1995-1997

In the fourth volume (Insomniac, 1995), the emblem acquired a serif typeface. The white phrase was inside a shapeless black spot.

1997 – 2000

Green Day Logo 1997-2000

The fifth collection of sound recordings (Nimrod, 1997) was adorned with the italic “Green Day” logo.

2000 – 2004

Green Day Logo 2000-2004

When the sixth album appeared (Warning, 2000), the rock band symbol first turned green. In doing so, the designers used a bold sans serif typeface.

2004 – 2009

Green Day Logo 2004-2009

The cover logo for the seventh music collection (American Idiot, 2004) consisted of two parts. The first one is an elongated black inscription “GREEN DAY”, the second one is an image of a hand holding a heart-shaped grenade.

2009 – 2012

Green Day Logo 2009-2012

The release of the eighth album (21st Century Breakdown, 2009) coincided with a new logo’s appearance. The band’s name was written in an individual font and looked like it had been sprayed on. The palette contained several shades of gray.

2012 – 2016

Green Day Logo 2012-2016

On the cover of the ninth compilation (¡Uno !, 2012), there was a logo in the form of a pink inscription “GREEN DAY.” In the tenth and eleventh albums (¡Dos! And Tr !, 2012), she changed color twice to blue and yellow.

2016 – today

Green Day Logo 2016-present

The latest music collection (Revolution Radio, 2016) is decorated with another emblem with the rock band’s name. Drops of paint run down from the thin black letters.

Font and Colors

Green Day Emblem

The Green Day trademark has always consisted of the same lettering, in most cases hand-drawn or hand-drawn. The only exception was the 2004 version when an image of a hand with a grenade appeared on the cover.

Green Day Symbol

Artists experimented a lot with designs using different font options. For example, the 1995 emblem features the FF Trixie typeface, and the 2004 logo lettering is close to Champion Gothic.

Green Day’s final symbol palette contains a classic mix of sulfur and white. The monochrome performance emphasizes the rebellious style of punk rock music.

Green Day color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

Does Green Day have a logo?

Yes, Green Day has a logo. In particular, there are several of them, and they are all monochrome. One of the most recognizable symbols is a grenade-shaped heart with a check held in hand. The last logo contains a name made up of letters flowing downward.

What is Green Day labeled as?

The group is so named because of its cannabis addiction. Green Day is a slang phrase in the Californian area where the band originated. It means that a person does not do anything all day – he only smokes marijuana.

Will Green Day make a new album?

The punk rock band has just released a new album. It was released in 2020 under the name Father of All Motherfuckers (or FOAMF). This is their thirteenth studio compilation, recorded by Reprise Records.

Has Green Day split up?

Billie Joe Armstrong himself answered this question to concerned fans. He said simply and briefly: “No.” Even though the musician created a new group, Green Day continues to exist.