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The Green Lantern logo matches the name of this group of superheroes but has an abstract design with a non-obvious meaning. The graphic symbol represents the balance for which the defenders of the universe are fighting and makes the characters recognizable.

Green Lantern: Brand overview

Founder:DC Comics
Green Lantern is a logo of collective images of superheroes from comics dedicated to the struggle for cosmic justice and maintaining world order. It is also the name of a branch of the Universe Guardians, which forms the intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps.

Meaning and History

Green Lantern Symbol

The first to use this sign was Alan Scott. This is a fictional character by Bill Finger (mastermind) and Martin Nodell (the artist behind the idea). The emblem’s time of appearance is July 1940, when the sixteenth issue of All-American magazine was published. This event took place in the Golden Age – Golden Age of Comic Books.

Gradually, the DC Comics universe, which owns the Green Lantern symbol, expanded: other superheroes became famous carriers of powerful power. During the Silver Age of Comic Books, the logo was revived again (1969). He was joined by the character Hal Jordan, created by John Broome and Gil Kane. At the same time, his accents shifted: from a fantasy symbol, he turned into science fiction’s personification and already clearly resembled the modern version.

What is Green Lantern?

Green Lantern is a media franchise that consists of a group of the same name superheroes from DC comics, a feature film, and a computer game. The first mention of her dates back to 1940, when the character Alan Scott appeared.

In 1979, an attempt was made to replace the graphic designation with a numeric or alphabetic one. But most of the magazines still went back to the simplified version – the famous image of the green lantern.

Green Lantern is not just a light source. It is a stylized portable lantern with a handle on one side and a stable platform on the other, a straight stand. The developers came up with the highest meaning for it: they called the circle of the lamp a ring of power, which supports the powerful energy of the Guardians of the Universe from the comic book of the same name.

This idea was pushed to the creators by the round shape of the old hand-held lantern and the letters G, Ω. The first is from the English alphabet. It is at the beginning of the word Green. The second is from the Greek alphabet. This is the personification of the end of something (in this case, all bad and criminal), the designation of a series of events (reliable or assumed).

Font and Colors

Green Lantern Emblem

There is also a logo with the full spelling of Green Lantern, which is located under the lantern. The font is simple, sans serif.

The emblem’s graphic part consists of a circle and two straight lines at the top and bottom. Another ring – the outer one surrounds all elements. The classic color scheme is a combination of green and white. But there are other options, including light green, blue, emerald green, light green, black.

Green Lantern color codes

Office GreenHex color:#008100
RGB:0 129 0
CMYK:100 0 100 49
Pantone:PMS 354 C

What does the Green Lantern symbol mean?

The first is the name of the superhero corps. Second, Green Lantern reflects the noble goal of the fight for justice. Third, it shines in the darkness for everyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation. Fourth, this sign symbolizes willpower and balance of endurance.

Who are the 4 Green Lanterns?

According to the canon of the comics, there are 8, not 4, main representatives of the Green Lantern corps on Earth. They are the protectors of the universe.

Is Green Lantern a villain?

No, Green Lantern is not a villain. They are a group of superheroes who fight evil with rings of power that give them limitless possibilities. They are the noble guardians of the universe.

Is Lobo a Green Lantern?

He became a member of the Green Lantern Corps – the most controversial and most unworthy.