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Grundfos: Brand overview

Founded: 1945
Founder: Poul Due Jensen
Bjerringbro, Denmark
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Grundfos is a Danish company specializing in manufacturing and selling pumping equipment. It was founded in 1945 by Paul Du Jensen and is headquartered in Bjerringbro. Interestingly, the original name was somewhat different, namely: “Bjerringbro Pressestoberi og Maskinfabrik.” According to the data published by the company, it develops about 18 million pump units annually. Grundfos branches are located in 56 countries of the world. Distributors also sell pumping equipment under this brand in more than 50 countries. The number of employees almost reaches 18 thousand people.

Meaning and History

Grundfos Logo History

What is Grundfos?

This is one of the largest companies in terms of the production of pumping equipment. Every year, millions of people purchase pumping units that are created under this brand.

For the entire time the company has been operating on the market, two logos have been presented to the target audience. Moreover, the first was immediately associated with pumping systems, thanks to the bright emblem. The only redesign of the logo made it minimalistic. It is his company that is actively used today. In general, the brand’s visual identity is at a high level among the organization’s customers.


Grundfos Old Logo

The original version of the logo was introduced in 1953. Interestingly, its basis was the abbreviation “B.P.” It was used for the first two years, but in 1955, one of the employees presented his version to Paul Due Jensen. This logo consisted of a word inscription and an image of the water screw of Archimedes, which was located in the center. Interestingly, this screw was very similar to the inside of the CP centrifugal pump. Diagonally (top left and bottom right) were the words Bjerringbro and Pumpefabrik.

As a rule, all the main elements were made in green on a white background.


Grundfos New Logo

The only redesign of the logo resulted in a significant simplification. Archimedes’ water screw has been removed. The basis included a verbal inscription and an emblem, which is located on the right.

The brand name used a classic bold sans-serif font with rounded corners. There is free space between all letters, which makes the inscription more strict and confident.

The company logo visually resembles two orbits intersecting with each other. In sum, this logo element looks like a stylized letter “X.” It looks interesting. Still, it does not associate the logo with Grundfos activities as in the original version.

Font and Colors

Grundfos Emblem

The original version of the logo used an elegant serif font with thin lines in the letters. However, the verbal inscription was somewhat lost against the emblem’s background, which was the main element of the logo. After the redesign, the font was replaced with a more businesslike one. Bold sans-serif letters look confident, demonstrating the strength and ambition of the company. Also, they are in harmony with the emblem.

Grundfos Symbol

If we talk about the color palette, then in both versions, the company preferred conciseness. Initially, it was green on a white background, but after a redesign, it was changed to blue. Thus, the laconic color scheme does not distract potential buyers of Grundfos products, allowing them to concentrate on the product.

Grundfos color codes

Medium Electric Blue Hex color: #12538a
RGB: 18 83 138
CMYK: 87 40 0 46
Pantone: PMS 7462 C