GTR Logo


The GT-R logo is a strict and luxurious response to customers’ desires to get a dream car with superior characteristics. It conveys the car’s rapid start, unrestrained speed, and, of course, high status. Like the emblem, the sports car is characterized by luxury, comfort, and impeccable functionality.

GT-R: Brand overview

GT-R is a line of sports cars from Nissan, production of which started in 2007. It was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show as a progressive and reliable model equipped with modern technologies. Work on it took about six years, and the result pleased car enthusiasts because the body of the car is made of steel and aluminum with the addition of carbon fiber. The assembly plant is located in the Japanese city of Kaminokawa, Tochigi Prefecture.

Meaning and History

GT-R Logo History

Although the line of new sports cars was introduced in 2007, their large-scale production started two years later. Despite its almost identical similarity to its predecessor, the car is distinguished by its innovation. The same applies to the GT-R logo. According to the in-house designers’ idea, it, like the car, reflects current trends and conveys Japanese culture and historical heritage.

  • The logo is made in a strict sports style.
  • It emphasizes the aerodynamic characteristics of the car.
  • The emblem embodies the optimal downforce of the sports car.

Moreover, the preceding logo has been slightly changed – just simplified, making it universal in use. This symbol is equally well perceived on the body of the car, on different screens and banners, regardless of their size.

What is GT-R?

GT-R is a Japanese car brand launched by Nissan in 2007. It includes high-tech sports cars, which are manufactured based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R coupe. The novelty is a little different from its predecessor, showing excellent performance both on roads and on racing tracks. But it is not included in the Skyline series. Unlike old models, the car is sold worldwide.


GT-R Old Logo

The GT-R emblem is double: it consists of two identical halves, with one common edge in the middle.

  • At the top is the abbreviation “GT,” painted in red and outlined with a silver line. Each letter has a clear boundary, so it is visible. They have figurative serifs with raised edges. This makes the signs similar to the teeth of the gear and adds technical uniqueness to the logo.
  • At the bottom is a single “R.” It is large, uppercase, and wide, as it matches the size of the two upper symbols. The strip running through the center of the letter visually makes it three-dimensional. The edges are slightly lower, supplemented by a double frame – silver (outer) and red (inner). The sign itself is painted in gray.


GT-R Logo

The updated GT-R logo is simple and practical, as it is equally well perceived on all information carriers – whether on printed flyers or on drawn banners. Moreover, the simplification of the emblem style is not a tribute to fashion. Two-dimensionality is a technological requirement so that potential customers can examine the sign from any distance and on any screen.

The logo is two-tiered but without borders. Each line is not confined by anything, so the letters are arranged freely yet still structured. The abbreviation at the top is in black, and the single symbol at the bottom – is in red. The “G” and “T” are severely flattened; they have no serifs, which makes them look like geometric shapes. On the other hand, the stretched-wide “R” has clearly defined serifs, turning it into a sophisticated element. It is the largest element in the logo, matching the size of the two top letters.

Font and Colors

GT-R Emblem

Although the GT-R logo is text-based, there are no typical letters in it, as they are not printed but drawn. Graphic symbols are made according to an individual project and have an original design that promotes the concept of the automobile company:

  • All symbols are grounded (flattened at the top and bottom), which conveys the downforce of sports cars;
  • They have good streamline, demonstrating the excellent aerodynamic characteristics of the cars;
  • The perfectly smooth lines of the symbols show how precise the car’s body design is.

GT-R Symbol

The corporate palette of the emblem includes three colors: red, silver (for a chrome-plated surface), and black. They form a harmonious combination reflecting high-speed technology’s strength, stability, and assertive character.

GTR color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#dd2027
RGB:221 32 39
CMYK:0 86 82 13
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C