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The brand’s goods “lay down” on the skin, like good puzzles. The Guinot logo conveys professionalism and a scientific approach to product development. Brand cosmetics have increased activity, especially when heated.

Guinot: Brand overview

Founder:Danièle Guinot
Guinot Institut Paris is a specialized company that owns several cosmetic lines and salons. It was founded in 1973 and is still a leading developer of products for beauty parlors and spas. The company offers professional-level care products.

Meaning and History

Guinot Symbol

The manufacturer received the mark of visual identity almost in its foundation and still uses this logo. He carefully approached his symbolism, reflecting luxury and solicitude in it.

The originality of the text is given by the capital “G.” The designers played it interestingly, creating several effects at once: massage (circular movements) and face contour (oval lines). Thanks to the protruding stroke on the right, the sign is visually balanced and looks very harmonious. Therefore, the layering of lines on the left does not introduce imbalance. The rest of the characters are straight, even, strict. The bottom row shows the brand status (Institut) and its location (Paris). A bold point separates the words.

What is Guinot?

Guinot is a French cosmetics company established in 1973. It is located in Paris, where it was founded by Rene Guinot – a chemist by profession who decided to rethink the concept of cosmetics and add a medical aspect to it. The brand offers facial skincare products and accessories for the Hydradermie procedure.

Guinot: Interesting Facts

Guinot is a famous skincare brand from France that started in 1973. It’s known for making great skin products and treatments.

  1. How It Started: In 1973, Guinot created a special facial treatment called Hydradermie. It uses special currents to moist and clean skin, showing Guinot likes trying new things.
  2. Spa-Level Care at Home: Guinot makes products so good you’d usually only find them at a spa. They started by making things for professional use, but now everyone can buy them.
  3. Caring for the Planet: Guinot works hard to be kind to the Earth. They use less waste and choose recyclable materials, showing they care about our planet.
  4. Around the World: Starting in France, Guinot now sells products in over 70 countries. People everywhere like how Guinot makes their skin look and feel.
  5. Always Creating: Guinot has a special place in France where scientists and skin experts create new products. They’re always thinking of new ways to help your skin.
  6. Teaching the Experts: Guinot doesn’t just sell products; it also teaches beauty professionals how to use them. This way, it’s done right when you get a Guinot treatment.
  7. Something for Everyone: Guinot has many different products for skin problems. Whether you need help with wrinkles or dry skin or just want to protect your skin from the sun, Guinot has something that can help.

Guinot has gone from being a new idea in France to a big name in skincare worldwide. They keep coming up with new and better ways to care for your skin, showing they’re all about good quality, taking care of the Earth, and ensuring their products work.

Font and Colors

Guinot Emblem

The first letter in the word “Guinot” does not belong to the font – it is drawn and formed from two elements. The rest of the characters are made with a classic chopped typeface. Moreover, the lower inscriptions coincide with the upper ones in style and represent the same group – Sans Serif. The color of the emblem is Marsala. Combined with a white background, it makes the logo very noble.

Guinot color codes

Deep CarmineHex color:#b50239
RGB:181 2 57
CMYK:0 99 69 29
Pantone:PMS 206 C