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The Hahn Air logo stands for high-quality air travel, freedom of movement, and confidence in the future. It begins with a bright blue circle symbolizing the safety and protection of passengers. Inside the circle is a white icon shaped like an airplane, symbolizing dynamism and movement. The “Hahn Air” text in bold blue adds boldness and confidence to the entire brand.

The company’s main values reflected in the logo are safety, reliability, quality, and comfort. The mark reflects the philosophy of Hahn Air, which is to provide customers with reliable high-level services and continuously improve its activities.

The Hahn Air emblem reflects the brand’s commitment to safe and comfortable air transport and its commitment to its mission of providing reliable and high-quality air travel.

Hahn Air: Brand overview

Founded: 1994
Founder: Hahn Air Group
Dreieich, Germany
Website: hahnair.aero

Meaning and History

Hahn Air Logo History

Hahn Air color codes

Safety Blue Hex color: #074294
RGB: 7 66 148
CMYK: 95 55 0 42
Pantone: PMS 7687 C