The HALAL logo confirms that the product is allowed to be used by Muslims. This often concerns food, although various objects and phenomena can be halal: for example, cosmetics, clothing, entertainment, or services. The emblem has a religious connotation, but not obvious but understandable only to adherents of Islam.

HALAL: Brand overview

Muslim countries and places of residence of the diaspora
HALAL is a sign of product quality. This means compliance with the requirements of Islam. It is used in Muslim countries and places of residence of the diaspora. The HALAL logo can be seen in stores and products.

Meaning and History

HALAL Symbol

The term originates from the Koran. The word h-l-l personifies something legal that a believer is allowed to do. There is also an antonym for prohibition in the Holy Scriptures – haram. The use of terms underlies the regulation of Muslim behavior. Gradually, halal began to be used specifically for food products, dividing food into halal and impure, forbidden.

The logo is executed on a white background in green letters or on a green background in white. Both options are used.

What is HALAL?

An Islamic religious term meaning everything permitted to Muslims. The term corresponds to the sign applied to things and products in the manufacture of which the requirements of the Koran are observed.

The round emblem resembles a seal and indicates that meat or sausage can be bought. The circle is associated with completeness and ideal. Halal food corresponds to kosher food for Jews. It is considered cleaner and safer, ideal for health.

Animals must be slaughtered so that no blood is left in them, food is cooked in specially processed dishes, etc. It protects against germs and diseases. The circle demonstrates that all the rules have been followed – from growing and slaughtering to cooking and serving. The cycle is correct.

The logo has a border. It demonstrates limits, rules, and limitations. This frame separates halal products from anything impure. There are no prohibited components in food and cosmetics inside the frame.

The emblem contains an inscription in Arabic script – حلال and in English – HALAL. Both words have the same meaning. Double writing is done for convenience. In Arabic, it is understandable to the peoples of the East, and in English – to residents of other countries (converted Muslims, exporters, sellers). This is one way of preaching. A person will see the seal, read it and become interested in what kind of products. You can tell him about faith.

The enterprise applies the logo on products only with the permission of the religious leader of the region.

Font and Colors

HALAL Emblem

The main colors of the logo are green and white. They are strongly associated with religion, associated with Islam. Most Arab countries are present on the flag of the country.

  • White personifies innocence and faith. Shows that the food is clean according to Sharia law. Demonstrates properly cleaned apparatus and utensils. Color is a symbol of security and full compliance with laws. White is associated with God and sinlessness. Going on a pilgrimage, they put on white and, when moving from one world to another, the body is wrapped in a white cloth.
  • Green is the color of life and health. Whoever observes HALAL will live happily on earth and in the afterlife. Eating halal food is good for your well-being. It is believed that the shade in Islam represents paradise, represented in the Scriptures by a green garden. The prophet loved the color and even wore a green turban. In Arabic culture, green is a sign of fertility.

The use of white and green for the logo indicates its religious focus.

The visual mark is made in Short Films Bold font.

HALAL color codes

Office GreenHex color:#007c02
RGB:0 124 2
CMYK:100 0 98 51
Pantone:PMS 354 C