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This mystical holiday inspires creative people because one of its traditions is to create spooky decorations. In the process, many emblems have emerged that convey the atmosphere of the holiday. The Halloween logo is not been officially adopted, but all existing versions boil down to a pumpkin head – the main symbol of the night before All Saints Day.

Halloween: Brand overview

Founded:16th century
observed in many countries

Halloween is a world-famous holiday that is traditionally celebrated in America and Western Europe. Informally, it is also recognized in some other countries (including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea). This event has a magical connotation and is celebrated on the eve of the special feast of All Saints Day. Every year on October 31 in these countries, people decorate their premises, organize parties, observe traditional activities, and congratulate others.

The symbol of the mysterious holiday is the image of a smiling pumpkin with a demonic grin. The choice of this particular picture is connected with the ancient legend of the cunning Jack. According to the stories, the image of the fetus is associated with the soul of this person, which cannot find peace. Hence the enigmatic smile and unusual performance. The colors of such a logo traditionally include black and orange colors. In addition, the image of a pumpkin can be served in different shades of these colors.

Meaning and History

Halloween Logo History

Halloween is considered one of the oldest holidays, with its roots in the 10th century. At this time, his first mention appears in Old Irish literature. The basis for it was an authentic legend about a man who was able to deceive the devil himself. After death, he did not go to heaven, but hell was closed to him. Then, according to legend, he became a wandering spirit, which turned into a flickering light. People decided to protect themselves from him by making pumpkins with a demonic grin.

They have become a traditional symbol of the mysterious holiday. Despite this, a magical event also has a ton of other attributes. But, a gourd with a demonic smile denotes a holiday most often. The original picture, made in bright colors, has already become recognizable in almost all corners of the world. It is special in that it simultaneously emphasizes the theme of the other world and symbolizes a happy holiday. This is manifested not only in the image itself but also in the selected colors.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an unusual mystical holiday that is celebrated in most countries. It is celebrated annually on October 31, the day before All Saints’ Day. This holiday is associated with ancient legends and symbolizes the victory of good over otherworldly forces. On this day, people dress up in carnival costumes, have parties, keep the tradition of begging for sweets in their homes and prepare themed dishes.

The holiday, which resembled modern Halloween, was celebrated in the days of Ancient Rome. But, over time, there were many changes, including religious ones, which directly affected the event. In the format that is celebrated now, the holiday was established only in the 16th century. At that time, the iconic sign was decorated in the form of a pumpkin with a mysterious grin. This is a direct reference to an ancient Irish legend about a man who became a lost soul.

Today this symbol is called the Jack-o’-lantern. Inside such a pumpkin, there is usually a candle, the flickering of which, according to legend, means the spirit of a cunning one. But, this is just one of many speculations. According to other experts, the gourd is supposed to scare away the flickering flame of Jack’s soul. The bright, spectacular Halloween logo evokes pleasant emotions and fun. After all, the purpose of the holiday is not intimidation but, on the contrary, an expression of courage and strength.

In addition, the holiday icon reflects energy. This means that people on this day people actively spend time organizing various positive events. Frightening costumes, demonic pumpkins, and mysterious decorations do not spoil the mood but only add sharp emotions. This approach is fully reflected in the symbol of the holiday. Although the pumpkin looks intimidating, a sly demonic smile significantly dilutes the picture. The sign does not cause fear and other negative emotions in this performance.

Font and Colors

Halloween Symbol

The grinning pumpkin icon comes in a variety of variations. It can be a three-dimensional symbol, a regular laconic picture, and a more simplified outline version. The traditional Halloween inscription complements some options. A massive font with a smudged effect is often used for its design. This performance emphasizes the mystical and sinister overtones.

The inscription is most often painted in black or orange. It can be in light and dark shades. Black is associated with darkness, black cats, bats, and other holiday attributes. It also emphasizes the mystique and the presence of magic. Orange is the color of energy, fun, and friendliness. They perfectly balance with black and together with it fully reflects the essence of the holiday.

Despite the presence of a large number of interpretations of the symbol, in most cases, orange color prevails over black. This is achieved due to the classic color of the main element – pumpkin. In any version, it is always orange, sometimes with the addition of brown shades. This approach demonstrates the predominance of good over dark forces, which is the main theme of Halloween.

Halloween color codes

Deep Carrot OrangeHex color:#eb6123
RGB:235 97 35
CMYK:0 59 85 8
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C