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The simple Hansgrohe logo reflects the company’s business style, which produces sanitary ware. It is part of the image to which customers are accustomed. The emblem shows the products’ high quality, unique design, and latest technology.

Hansgrohe: Brand overview

Founder:Hans Grohe
Schiltach, Germany

Hansgrohe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary ware. The company’s office is located in Germany (Schiltach), and the main shareholder is the American company Masco. The brand has produced quality faucets, shower enclosures, fittings, accessories, and other bathroom products for many years. The company currently uses the latest technology and competes with two major brands, Kohler and Grohe.

A stylish corporate logo emphasizes the special status of the company. It is a simple, concise icon that stands out due to the perfectly matched colors. At the heart of the emblem is a beautiful turquoise color, symbolizing water and purity. This is an ideal option for a company engaged in producing products for the arrangement of bathrooms.

Meaning and History

Hansgrohe Logo History

The famous German brand has a hundred years of history. From a small enterprise, he grew into the largest sanitary ware manufacturer, operating internationally. Currently, the company has two dozen offices and many subsidiaries (about 34). Production facilities are located not only in Germany but also in China, the USA, and France. One can also single out an unchanged visual identity among the company’s features.

The logo has not been updated for many years, which again underlines the company’s stability and stability in the market. Despite this, it does not lose its relevance and looks very stylish. This effect was achieved using a simple rounded font with clear cuts and a prominent background. In this case, a non-standard shade of green was used, resembling the sea wave color. This is a successful combination that perfectly highlights the Hansgrohe business.

What is Hansgrohe?

Hansgrohe is a well-known company of German origin engaged in the production of sanitary ware. The range includes faucets for bathrooms and kitchens, fittings, showers, accessories, nozzles, and much more. The brand’s products have received several awards (including the Red Dot Design Award, the German Federal Republic Award, and the iF Design Award 2016).

Hansgrohe Symbol

The company was officially formed in 1901. Its founder was Hans Grohe Friedrich. The brand was named after him. The company received an incredibly balanced logo that features an excellent combination of colors. It reflects the values โ€‹โ€‹of a well-known manufacturer and its strategy in entrepreneurship. At the heart of the stylish emblem is the name Hansgrohe, which is located inside an elongated rectangle.

As conceived by the designers, the figure should evoke associations with water or the sea and the inscription inside. These rivers flow into the reservoir. This approach is due to the products that Hansgrohe produces. An additional emphasis is the choice of colors. Two key colors were chosen for the design of the company’s emblem – green with a bluish tint and classic white.

They perfectly combine and create a harmonious picture associated with lightness, freshness, and purity. These characteristics are especially important for a sanitary ware manufacturer that produces quality products that meet established requirements. In addition, the logo also symbolizes friendliness, trust, and reliability.

This is emphasized by smooth rounded lines used to design the main component – the brand name. Some letters of the inscription are designed so that their parts visually go beyond the rectangle. This applies to two h, the tails of which make small gaps in the contours of the rectangle. The selected effect demonstrates the boundlessness of the company’s capabilities and the desire for improvement.

Font and Colors

Hansgrohe Emblem

The logo of a well-known company is quite memorable. This is due to the expressive color scheme, which symbolizes the water element and harmonious styling. The main element of the original emblem is a simple sans serif typeface. It evokes friendly, pleasant associations and has rounded, smooth lines.

Each letter stands out with a small space on the sides, which significantly increases the level of readability. There are no cuts in this case. Due to this, the font looks stylish and does not lose its relevance to this day. The inscription itself has a non-standard white color. Usually, this color is used for the background, but the Hansgrohe logo takes a different approach.

The neutral lettering sits on an incredible background, painted in a deep green tint that shows off some hints of blue. This color makes the emblem unique and expressive. An unusual shade that catches the eye, respectively, is especially memorable. In addition, the rich turquoise color symbolizes water and purity, favoring the direction of Hansgrohe production.

Hansgrohe color codes

Jungle GreenHex color:#06ab8e
RGB:6 171 142
CMYK:96 0 17 33
Pantone:PMS Bright Green C