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The greatness and pride of their products are seen in the emblem of the drink. The Havana Club logo – indicates the place where hot, fun, and bright emotions are concentrated. The sign unites connoisseurs of the brand into a special elite club of rum lovers.

Havana Club: Brand overview

Founder:José Arechabala S.A.
Cardenas, Cuba
Havana Club is a Cuban alcoholic brand that supplies rum worldwide. José Arechabala SA, established in 1878, was developed in 1934 as part of their venture. The founder of the distillery is the Arechabala family: they opened it in the city of Cardenas, where for a long time they produced an alcoholic drink suitable for consumption only by pirates and especially hardy representatives of the strong half of humanity. He was so strong! After the revolution, the company became the state’s property, as it was nationalized. The ownership of the trademark and its production site remains unresolved since they are claimed by two legal entities: the Cuba Ron Corporation (with Pernod Ricard) and the Bacardi company.

Meaning and History

Havana Club Logo History

In the early days of the distillery’s existence, everything was simple and clear with its ownership: it was the property of the Arechabala family. But after the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the situation changed dramatically. At first, the company became state-owned. Then it was transferred to the ownership of José Arechabala SA – in the ratio of 50/50 percent, where the second share belonged to the country’s government. The nationalized enterprise began to produce rum actively and export it abroad, except the United States, which imposed an embargo.

In parallel, the Bacardi family, who left the island of Cuba after the coup that took place there, bought the original recipe for a Cuban alcoholic drink from Arechabala, started producing it, and set up supplies to the United States. This happened in 1994. A competing product with the same name is made in the municipality of Puerto Rico on the Cataño coast. Litigation against this brand is still ongoing.

The first time the law was on the side of Bacardi (in 2012), the company decided to increase the production of Cuban rum under the original brand. She got the right to it because the nationalization occurred at gunpoint and was violent, without subsequent compensation from the new owner. Thus, an exclusive situation has been formed, and who claims more for the Havana Club is unknown.

Havana Club Symbol

However, it is reliably known that the brand’s name and the alcoholic beverage produced based on sugar cane have deep patriotic roots. It combines two symbols dear to the heart of every inhabitant of this island. The first is its capital with dazzling charm, the second is a passion for incendiary club life, overflowing with the burning breath of the sun. As a result, the name Havana Club arose.

The official logo was adopted in 1934, when, in fact, the brand was born. It consists of three parts, thematically interconnected. The background is a bright red circle with a yellow border. It personifies the hot Cuban sun, filling the rum with life-giving warmth. In its upper part is a young girl. She stands with her head raised proudly. In one hand, she holds a tall staff with four crowns joined in a cross. This is Giraldy, a beauty from legends, who has been waiting all her life for her lover, who went to sea in search of a fountain of youth and never returned. Her image symbolizes Havana.

Below the entire width of the emblem is the name of the alcohol brand. It is made in block letters in a classic style. Geometrically proportional signs are placed at the optimal distance from each other, providing excellent readability of the text. Each of them has a burgundy shadow on the right and a double border around the perimeter: the inner line is yellow, the outer one is black.

Font and Colors

Havana Club Emblem

The Havana Club logo uses Futura Std Condensed Bold typeface with elements reminiscent of SoftMaker’s Florida Serial ExtraBold and Occupant Fonts’ Relay Compressed Bold. Of the free fonts, Sans Serif Exb FLF Cond is close to it. The color palette of the emblem is rich and bright. It is dominated by red, yellow, white, gold, and black, conveying the burning breath of the Cuban sun and the strength of authentic rum.

Havana Club color codes

Neon RedHex color:#ff0215
RGB:255 2 21
CMYK:0 99 92 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C
GoldHex color:#ffd800
RGB:255 216 0
CMYK:0 15 100 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C
Maximum Yellow RedHex color:#f8c13f
RGB:248 193 63
CMYK:0 22 75 3
Pantone:PMS 1235 C
Eerie BlackHex color:#171714
RGB:23 23 20
CMYK:0 0 13 91
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C