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The Hertz logo conveys speed and drives because it belongs to a car rental company. And while no obvious symbols are associated with movement, the designers have created a sense of dynamism with small but important details.

Hertz: Brand overview

Founded: 1918
Founder: Walter L. Jacobs
Estero, Florida, United States
Website: hertz.com

Hertz is a large international car leasing and rental company. It belongs to the parent company Hertz Global Holdings and is headquartered in America (Florida). The activity of the company is scaled to the world level. Outside of America, it has more than 25 thousand branches, which allows you to get high profits. Another feature of Hertz is the presence of its fleet of high-tech Tesla electric vehicles that support the company’s environmentally friendly line of business.

The modern Hertz was founded in 1918. At this time, Walter Jacobs founded a small company that worked in the car rental industry. The fleet included about ten Ford cars. Only residents of Chicago could rent one of the presented cars. The company was later handed over to John Hertz, who began to improve the new acquisition intensively.

Hertz has a rather extraordinary history of development. During its existence, it often passed from one owner to another. And these are not just medium-sized enterprises but the largest international corporations. In certain periods, the company was led by such giants as United Airlines, RCA, and General Motors. They brought Hertz to a new level and made it one of the world’s most popular companies. But, in 2020, the company went through bankruptcy proceedings, which ended only in 2021. At the moment, it has again resumed work in many countries.

Meaning and History

Hertz Logo History

You can recognize the company with its incredibly stylish and natural logo. It represents life, energy, and constant movement and demonstrates the desire for development. Characteristics are manifested in a well-chosen color scheme consisting of 2 colors and a unique stylized font. These elements are perfectly combined with each other, creating the impression of harmony and completeness.

The visual component of the identity is characterized by the use of contrasting memorable colors, a modern font, and a stylish shape. The central element is a neat inscription in the form of the company name. It is clearly expressed against the background of a small rectangle of bright yellow color with a tint. The presence of light highlights on the figure creates the effect of volume and makes the emblem look like a real plate.

What is Hertz?

Hertz is a well-known American car rental company. The range of services includes leasing and rental. Not only residents of America but also other countries can order them. In total there are more than 20 offices in different countries. Working at the international level ensured the company’s success, which is confirmed by a fairly large revenue (about $ 10 billion).

1955 – 1966

Hertz Logo 1955

During this period, Hertz had a memorable corporate logo that immediately caught the eye. It was a bright plate, similar to a parallelogram. Its sides were tilted to the right, which gave the emblem a dynamic look. The figure had thin black outlines and a bright yellow background.

Inside the parallelogram was the main component of the logo – the name of the company, supplemented by an explanation of the field of activity. The first inscription was more massive and bold, and the second phrase (Rent a car) had a smaller size and thin letters. The chosen design underlined the ambitiousness of the young company, as well as its reliability and high quality of services.

1966 – 1987

Hertz Logo 1966

On September 30, 1966, the new Hertz logo was introduced, designed by Lippincott & Margulies. Arthur King led the branding project. In the center, the designers depicted the name of a car rental and leasing company. The inscription was made in individual bold italic without serifs. All letters except the first “H” were in lowercase. The background for the word was a white parallelogram, which, in turn, was located inside a yellow square with rounded corners.

1987 – 2009

Hertz Logo 1987

In 1987, Herts carried out another rebranding. The new logo had a different concept. It symbolized the brand philosophy in a more concise and modern way. The designers removed the frame as a geometric figure and used the effect of shadows to create a more voluminous inscription. The absence of a frame confirmed the opening of wide opportunities for the brand and the elimination of any restrictions on the promotion.

This feature became iconic as Herts gradually went international. Another key change was reflected in the font. It has become more massive and voluminous due to the shadows, demonstrating stability, resilience, and a strong position in the market. The color palette remained the same with the addition of a white background. The base of the letters was painted in a rich yellow, while the outlines and shadows were tinted black. This combination showed energy, strength, and perfection.

2009 – today

Hertz Logo

The brand badge used by Herts and now was formed in 2009. At that time, the management decided to make the emblem more modern and the message more expressive. The updated version is a neat rectangle with smooth corners and an iridescent background. The name Herts is traditionally placed inside but in a more stylish design. The font has become thinner and more original.

It combines lines with smooth and sharp cuts, making the chosen style unique and the concept more recognizable. The letter r stands out especially, unlike the rest of the characters. In addition to a clear inscription, there are no other graphic elements in the logo, which confirms the company’s focus on a specific range of services and the desire to make them more perfect. The logo’s colors include yellow and black, complemented by light highlights.

Font and Colors

Hertz Emblem

The current version of Hertz looks confident, stylish, and modern. This is achieved through the use of friendly, energetic coloring, a stylized box-shaped border, and clear lettering. The last element is in a roman sans-serif, characterized by a combination of flowing lines and straight cuts. This means that the company is open to experimentation while maintaining a stable strategy.

Hertz Symbol

The slight italic slant of the letters also makes the emblem more dynamic. Another element that reflects the company’s essence is a beautiful two-tone palette. It consists of classic black for the letters and a yellow tint for the background. Dark tones symbolize resilience, reliability, and professionalism, while bright yellow shows friendliness, energy, and convenience. These two colors are the main message of Hertz – providing the most comfortable conditions for cooperation and high-quality service.

Hertz color codes

Yellow Hex color: #ffd200
RGB: 255 210 0
CMYK: 0 18 100 0
Pantone: PMS 109 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C