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Hisense logo is text-based and employs a proprietary font tailored to the brand. Unique features, such as the straight ‘s’ and the less curved bottom part of ‘e,’ lend the design an individual touch. The rectangle that replaces the dot over the lowercase’ i’ and the right leg of the ‘H’ has a single rounded corner. The logo is colored in a pleasing shade of turquoise green.

Choosing a custom typeface points toward a commitment to originality. Such a decision sends a message about the brand’s value for uniqueness and differentiation in a market saturated with generic identities. The straightforward ‘s’ and the unconventional ‘e’ signify a departure from the norm, highlighting the brand’s innovative nature.

One of the most eye-catching aspects is the replacement of the dot over the ‘i’ with a rectangle. This rectangle has a single rounded corner, as does the right leg of the ‘H.’ These rounded corners symbolize the company’s softer, human-centric approach. They also provide a visual break, enhancing readability and adding a touch of modernity. The idea is to convey that the enterprise is adaptable and considers aesthetics and functionality in its operations.

Color plays a significant role as well. The turquoise green chosen for the logo isn’t merely a random selection. It resonates with qualities like tranquility, health, and freshness. It’s a color often associated with clear thinking and emotional balance. This hue aligns well with the company’s focus on delivering products that improve the quality of life.

Hisense chose this color to encapsulate a sense of reliability and innovation, two tenets of its brand philosophy. The serene color can be interpreted as an assurance to consumers, indicating that they are investing in a brand that stands for quality and ingenuity.

Multiple elements come together to form this intricate yet straightforward design, and each element carries a specific meaning. From the custom typeface to the carefully selected color palette, each detail works in tandem to communicate the brand’s mission and values. The emblem conveys a clear message about the enterprise’s essence: a blend of innovation, user-centric design, and commitment to quality. Through this multifaceted design, the brand encapsulates its complex identity without overcomplicating the visual elements, achieving an effective and memorable visual identity.

Hisense: Brand overview

Founded: September 1994
Founder: Qingdao Hisense Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.
Qingdao, Shandong, China
Website: global.hisense.com
Initiated as a radio manufacturing facility in Qingdao, China, in 1969, Hisense grew into a multinational conglomerate dealing in household appliances and consumer electronics. During the 1990s, the company strategically took over several underperforming Chinese electronic firms, broadening its scope and reach. By 1994, the company had rebranded itself as the Hisense Group, and merely three years later, it became a publicly traded entity on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In the early years of the 21st century, Hisense set its sights on global markets, initiating exports and setting up international sales offices. By 2004, the company had cemented its position as China’s premier TV manufacturer. A landmark move came in 2015 when Hisense took over Sharp’s television production facility in Mexico, extending its manufacturing capabilities into the North American market.

Hisense boasts a global workforce exceeding 90,000 and operates through 54 sales organizations and 18 research and development centers worldwide. As a brand, Hisense is not just a household name in China; it is also making considerable inroads in international markets, particularly in North America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Meaning and History

Hisense Logo History

1994 – 2012

Hisense Logo 1994

2012 – today

Hisense Logo

Hisense color codes

Dark Cyan Hex color: #019999
RGB: 1 153 153
CMYK: 99 0 0 40
Pantone: PMS 7467 C