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Real men will always appreciate the beer taste, which depicts the Holsten logo. As in past centuries, after battles, and now, after a hard day’s work, connoisseurs of the brand rush for a portion of foam. The emblem promises a cheerful spirit and recuperation.

Holsten: Brand overview

Founder:Carlsberg Group
Hamburg, Germany
Holsten is a German beer brand, and the light beer it offers 4.5-4.8 percent ABV. The company was founded in 1879, gradually expanding to 7 breweries. Its headquarters is located in Hamburg (Germany). It produces several alcoholic beverages of the same name, distributed in the country and abroad. In 2004, the brand, along with its industrial sites, was acquired by the Carlsberg Group, to which it now belongs.

Meaning and History

Holsten Symbol

In 1879, Holsten-Brauerei was founded in Hamburg. It launched the production of light malt beer, which quickly gained popularity among the population. The recognition was so widespread that in 1901 the company began building its first overseas branch. It was centered on the outskirts of London.

Then the brand was actively engaged in the absorption of competing companies in the southern part of the north of Schleswig-Holstein. From 1909 to 1925, she bought several breweries in nearby lands, and in 1927 significantly expanded and modernized them, increasing her production capacity.

During World War II, the Holsten breweries were badly damaged: many were destroyed, a few were partially destroyed. The company’s management took up the capital restoration of buildings in 1946. But the original taste and premium level of beer were achieved much later – in 1953.

Despite the difficulties, the company continued developing, improving technology and producing beer under its standard sign – a knight on horseback with a shield and a sword. This is a collective image of the heroes who previously lived on the territory of Schleswig-Holsteen, where the main production plant and the central office are located. The character is a representative of a local Germanic tribe, after which the lands are named and, as a result, the brewery operating on them.

The main logo of the brewing company depicts a knight in a helmet and armor. He sits on a horse with a sword raised. On the other hand, he has a large figure shield representing “H.” It is very important for the brand identity because it symbolizes the Germanic tribe, the location of the enterprise, the name of the company, and the brand of beer. The designers painted the letter white and placed it on a red background to emphasize this. In this version, the horse and rider are directed to the left.

There are several other versions of the emblem. One of them is used for product labeling; the other is used on the official website. There is an almost similar sign on the labels, but not in black and red, but in green and red. The knight does not hold a sword in his hands but a spear with a flag on a long shaft. The horse is prancing and looking to the right. The only unchanged element was a triangular shield pointed at the bottom with a white letter in the middle.

The version of the logo for the site completely repeats the marking emblem. On it is the same rider with a flag in the form of a pointed spear and a red shield. The visor of his helmet is open, the horse’s tail flutters in the wind, adding dynamics, and she stands on her hind legs, moving her front legs in the air as if preparing for a powerful jump. All elements are painted in turquoise, white and black. Around the central character are the brewery’s name, its location, and the year of its appearance.

Font and Colors

Holsten Emblem

All logos of the beer brand have the name in large bold serif. This is a classic typeface with wide serifs and cut-off points at the ends. The corporate palette includes black, white, red (used on the main emblem), and green and turquoise colors (present on additional options).

Holsten color codes

RuddyHex color:#ff1f26
RGB:255 31 38
CMYK:0 88 85 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C