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The HomeServices of America logo uses a pleasing color palette without bright accents, and two fairly simple and restrained looks represent the font. Such a design is associated with classics, rigor, and compliance with all requirements.

HomeServices of America: Brand overview

Founder:Berkshire Hathaway
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
HomeServices of America is a successful and growing company that provides services in various areas of real estate. In terms of organizational structure, it is a subsidiary of one of the best American holdings – Berkshire Hathaway. Belonging to this network testifies to the observance of high standards and a professional approach to work.

Meaning and History

HomeServices of America Logo History

Since its inception, HomeServices of America has actively developed its capabilities, structure, and scope. The management coped with this task perfectly, and within a few years, several experienced agents worked in the company’s staff. The internal structure has become more extensive, and the brokerage division has received more than 40 trademarks under which it operates on the market.

The key to impressive results was hard work, teaming with other proven firms, improving skills, and improving the quality of services provided. The main symbol, which reflected these achievements, was the company logo.

What is HomeServices of America?

HomeServices of America is a subsidiary of the large American holding Berkshire Hathaway. The headquarters is located in the USA (Minneapolis, Minnesota). The main activities are mortgages, brokerage, property management, insurance, escrow, and franchising. In addition, the company provides moving services.

It is a rather complex icon that consists of several inscriptions, an elegant graphic element in the form of a line, and a stylish abbreviation in the first two letters of the name. Each part has a special semantic load. Placement in the center of the company’s name indicates its importance in the market and high achievements in a particular area. In addition, the emblem also includes the inscription A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliates.

This underlines the involvement in a huge and reliable conglomerate company that has an excellent reputation. For inscriptions, a font of 2 formats is used. The first, more austere and similar to the style of printed publications, is used in the title block. The second, smoother, and sans-serif is applied to the bottom of the A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliat. This part is also smaller.

HomeServices of America Symbol

When founded, the company had a completely different name. Its history began in 1998 when it worked on the market under Amerus Home Services Inc. and is owned by MidAmerican Energy Holdings. But, already in 1999, there were some changes. First, the company received a new name Home Services, and a little later came under the control of the largest American conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

In the future, its structure only expanded – small companies working in this area joined it. The result was rapid growth and a new name, HomeServices of America, which is still in use today. Since receiving the modern name, the company has been operating under a stylish logo. It has a rectangular arrangement and consists of different elements.

In the center are the inscriptions HomeServices of America and A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliat. On the left side, they are complemented by a thin line behind which the original graphic element is located. In the main part, attention is focused on the name. This is not self-centeredness but respect for decent work and professionalism. Seeing such a logo, many customers no doubt turn to this company. The reason for this is a spotless reputation in such a difficult area.

The thin stroke provides a stylish transition of the title to the graphic element. It consists of the first two letters, H and S. They are an additional focus on the company’s activities and also dilute the classic logo. The letters are in different colors and different fonts. The S seems to curl around the right side of the H. This unusual design decision makes the logo quite modern and beautiful. The big picture is associated with stability, honesty, and trust.

Font and Colors

HomeServices of America Emblem

The HomeServices of America corporate logo looks incredibly stylish. It favorably combines different fonts, graphic components, and different colors. The upper part, which consists of the inscription HomeServices, is represented by a thin serif typeface. This is a strict and, at the same time, elegant style that emphasizes the special status of the brand, as well as its authority.

Below is the inscription of America. It was created with letters of the same format but smaller. At the very bottom is A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliat. It uses an even smaller sans-serif typeface created with flowing lines. This design looks very organic. On the left side, there are also two intertwined letters. They are presented in a large size and also have serifs.

The color of the emblem consists of 3 colors. The background is white, which symbolizes reliability and purity of intentions. Gray and burgundy colors are used for inscriptions. They are presented in soft shades and are in balance with each other. The gray color favorably complements the richer burgundy shade. They both belong to a colder color scheme, which symbolizes calmness and confidence.

HomeServices of America color codes

ClaretHex color:#790729
RGB:121 7 41
CMYK:0 94 66 53
Pantone:PMS 7427 C
Outer SpaceHex color:#2f3634
RGB:47 54 52
CMYK:13 0 4 79
Pantone:PMS 447 C