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Hradyesh: Brand overview

Established in 2008 by businessman Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo, Hradyesh sought to carve a niche for India in the global luxury car sector. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company initially focused on creating concept cars and attracting potential investors. Their efforts culminated with the debut of their first model, the Morris Street, in 2011. Priced at over $200,000, the car captured the imagination of Indians and was internationally recognized as the most expensive luxury car in the country.

As interest and demand grew, the company established a dedicated manufacturing center and expanded its sales network in India’s major urban centers. In 2015, Hradyesh introduced another ground-breaking offering – the Majestic model SUV. This vehicle was a testament to the brand’s commitment to unparalleled luxury, featuring a lavish interior and extensive customization options.

By the end of the decade, Hradyesh had solidified its reputation as a boutique luxury car manufacturer. The company epitomizes India’s luxury car ambitions, with an annual production volume of 1,000 meticulously crafted vehicles and a workforce of over 500. It epitomizes India’s ambition to compete with renowned international brands by creating high-quality luxury cars with a uniquely Indian character.

Meaning and History

Hradyesh Logo History

2011 – today

Hradyesh Logo

The Indian company Hradyesh is named after its founder, Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo. His surname translates from Sanskrit as “Emperor of the Heart,” so the brand’s emblem shows a stylized crown and two drops resembling halves of a heart. These elements are formed by dark red lines, a color associated with passion and boundless energy. The inscription in the lower part is in uppercase font with rectangular serifs directed in different directions. The lower part of the letter “A” has an arc-shaped form, and the top of the letter “U” looks like its mirror image.

The use of dark red lines emphasizes emotions such as passion and the vitality of the brand. The crown in the emblem serves as a tribute to the founder’s family name and symbolizes leadership and excellence. The mirrored design elements in the letters “A” and “Y” bring a sense of balance and symmetry to the emblem – attributes associated with precision and quality.