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The Hulk logo demonstrates the hero’s incredible strength and very large size. One blow of his fist can crush any obstacle. The image hints at the mutations that caused such a transformation of the Marvel character.

Hulk: Brand overview

Founded:June 20, 2003
United States
Hulk” is a film about a superhero of the same name, released widely in 2003. It is the first of two feature-length action films based on the Incredible Hulk comics by Marvel. It tells the origin of a monster-like alter ego of a scientist named Robert Bruce Banner. According to the film’s plot, he transforms into a green creature because of a failed experiment in a laboratory, not because of an explosion of a radiation bomb, as it was in the original. The transformation occurs when the physicist is enraged, which is what the slogan “Don’t Make Him Angry” is associated with.

Meaning and History

Hulk Logo History

Hulk premiered in mid-June 2003. Its creation was preceded by numerous debates and attempts to rewrite the script, which took several years. Because of this, the start of filming kept getting postponed. The final storyline incorporated events from previous television scripts and elements from the comic books. One of the main themes was the problem of parents and children.

The composition of the team was also constantly changing. Finally, Ang Lee was given the directing job. An exhausting three years of work on Hulk forced him to rethink his life priorities. The film was met with a barrage of criticism after its release on the widescreen, and Lee would quit directing forever. Only his father was able to dissuade him.

Although the box office receipts of Hulk were quite high, this creative remake is considered a failure. Much was expected from it, like any blockbuster with a big budget and computer graphics. But viewers did not like the inconsistency of the plot. They did not understand who the main character was: the villain, the world’s savior, or both. At the same time, the giant green monster with diminished intelligence seemed like a fake and chubby lout. And even his enormous leaps looked unrealistic. Perhaps the reason lay in the weak special effects because the mutant was a CGI creature created with computer programs. The family dramas were not to everyone’s liking either – many considered this storyline unworthy of attention.

Hulk Symbol

Even marketing seemed to play against Hulk. Universal designed a hundred and fifty products with the movie’s logo on them. There were too many, so Ang Lee joked that the movie studio was now selling all the green items. The first time the movie’s text sign appeared was on a poster. It features the three-dimensional lettering “HULK” with a black and green gradient and shiny outlines. The letters appear three-dimensional because of the wide side edges. In the animated version, the word shines brightly, with the mutant eye protruding on its surface. There is also an all-black version with a venomous green border.

In addition to the wordmark, there is an emblem depicting a green fist. Hulk Hands is an independent brand that separated from the franchise back in 2003 when Toy Biz started releasing toys in the form of big green hands. This was done to promote a movie about a mutant scientist nicknamed Hulk. As far as we know, the main character had no distinctive attributes: no hammer, no shield, no special weapons. Therefore, designers focused on his physical strength, expressing it in powerful fists. In the logo, the fingers are firmly clenched as if they were striking a blow. The hand itself and its circular frame are painted in green, while the outlines and the inner part of the circle, where the picture is placed, are made in black.

Font and Colors

Hulk Emblem

A special font was created for the word “HULK,” reminding us that the film has a comic book storyline. The letters consist of wide stripes and have a three-dimensional shape. A remotely similar typeface is called Banjin.

The main color is green in different shades. It echoes the appearance of the mutant into which the scientist transforms. In the logo, the green gamut is balanced by a black gradient.

Hulk color codes

Pigment GreenHex color:#00ae5d
RGB:0 174 93
CMYK:100 0 47 32
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
BlackHex color:#010000
RGB:1 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C