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From dusk to dawn, staying at the chain hotels will bring pleasure to the client, says the Hyatt logo. Every guest here is treated like a star. The emblem demonstrates a wide network of hotels and superiority over competitors.

Hyatt: Brand overview

Founded: September 27, 1957
Founder: Hyatt Robert von Dehn, Jack Dyer Crouch
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Hyatt is an international hotel chain of hotels, resorts, and leisure centers. It is also known as Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. The company operates on a franchise basis, covering almost 900 hotels worldwide and employing over 100 thousand employees. The time of its foundation is September 1957. The founders of the corporation are Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dyer Crouch. The head office is located in the city of Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Meaning and History

Hyatt Logo History

The very first Hyatt House was built in 1954 near the Los Angeles International Airport. The hotel was built by the founders of the company – Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dyer Crouch. Therefore, the network was subsequently named after one of them. But the official time of its appearance is considered 1957 when the business project was bought by the Pritzker brothers Jay and Donald. The deal cost them $ 2.2 million.

Realizing the growing demand for air travel, they actively built up their hotels around airports in different cities in America. This was a strategically correct decision. After Los Angeles, Hyatt motels have sprung up in San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma, and several other major cities. This step made the corporate emblem universally recognizable.

Since 1969, the hotel chain has gone on to expand internationally. She began not only construction but also the purchase of new buildings and the takeover of competitors. Today, its asset includes many hotels, resorts, boutique hotels and hotels with a full range of services. Therefore, the logo is now known in more than 60 countries around the world. There are three emblems in Hyatt’s career.

What is Hyatt?

Hyatt is a hotel company known worldwide as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. It owns a large network of properties designed for travelers, with over 1,300 hotels in dozens of countries worldwide. They are categorized depending on the guests’ budget, so there are both affordable and luxurious rooms available. Nonetheless, all guests receive quality service.

1957 – 1990

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Logo 1957-1990

The corporation’s debut visual identity mark included the full name – Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. It was written in an elegant, elongated type. Thin letters were located very close, and sometimes there was no intersymbol space at all, and some elements almost merged.

The phrase was monochrome, grotesque, with a circular icon between Hyatt and Hotels. It was a white flower with four petals on a black background. Inside there was a semblance of a core with protruding semicircles. A thin line crossed it. Highlights of the lettering were an “R” with an unfinished middle line and an “H” with a low crossbar. The rest of the letters were close to the standard.

1990 – 2013

Hyatt Hotels Logo 1990-2013

After a long period of application of the old emblem, the management approved the new one. It was a harmonious combination of graphics and text. That is, the letters were individual, hand-drawn, not printed. The updated version consisted of tall and sleek sans serif characters. The center of the logo was “A.” It was in the middle and was very large with a red curved line instead of the usual crossbar. To the right and left of it were the rest of the signs from the word “Hyatt.” Behind him was a red arc with pointed ends. It is a special element that symbolized the close relationship between customers and the corporation and between the past and the future.

2013 – today

Hyatt Hotels Logo 2013-present

The current emblem is almost a complete copy of the previous one. The difference between them is only in the color change: the early version was two-color (blue-red), the latter one was one-color (blue).

Font and Colors

Hyatt Hotels Emblem

In the course of evolution, the logo lost unnecessary elements and became simplified. Now it looks as simple as possible – a monochrome sign consisting of one inscription and one arch. But at the initial stages, it was a multi-part inscription – a detailed name of a hotel chain with an icon in the shape of a flower with four petals.

The debut emblem used a custom typeface with the characteristic round “O,” open “R,” and non-standard “H” with a lowered horizontal line. The rest of the letters are a typical flat grotesque. After the redesign, a font reminiscent of Optima appeared.

Hyatt Hotels Symbol

Previously, the corporate palette consisted of black (letters, icon) and white (background). The logo changed dramatically and became much brighter: it featured dark blue (# 04214e) and red (# ef221b). They are now replaced with blue (# 4a78ab).

Hyatt color codes

Steel Blue Hex color: #4a78ab
RGB: 74 120 171
CMYK: 57 30 0 33
Pantone: PMS 7690 C