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A sea of ​​softness, comfort, and style showcases the Hype House logo. All elements of the emblem are filled with joy, fellowship, and youth. The unification under one roof of boys and girls, connected by a common project, can be traced in a visual sign.

Hype House: Brand overview

Founded:December 2019
Founder:Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech
Moorpark, California, U.S.
Hype House is the name of a Spanish-style mansion located in Los Angeles, California. The team of teenagers who live together in this house bears the same name. They are the stars of the TikTok channel. The team was formed in December 2019 and consists of almost twenty representatives of generation Z. The producers of the entertainment program are entrepreneurs Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, and Thomas Petrou.

Meaning and History

Hype House Symbol

The Hype House was formed as an independent project to engage in creativity and popularize their talents jointly. It is easier for teenagers to pay attention to the whole team than to themselves alone. Therefore, this is not just cohabitation but a place of cooperation. Such collective houses are a phenomenon of the current time. They represent the continuation of social networks, the transition from the virtual world to the real one and vice versa. Therefore, the residents of the houses unite to shoot content together. They are analogous to other YouTubers’ collectives (The Vlog Squad or Team 10).

The Hype House group includes Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Jack Wright, Sienna Mae Gomez, Chase Hudson, Connor Yates, Vinnie Hacker. The composition of the show association is constantly changing – some are evicted from their homes, others are moving in. At the time of the start of the project, the creative team consisted of 21 teenagers. This was their star peak. Former famous members include Addison Rae, Charli, and Dixie D’Amelio. Among the popular residents, there is Chase Hudson.

What is Hype House?

Hype House is a brand belonging to a collective of TikTok creators. They all live together in a large mansion and create entertaining content together. The house has changed its location several times, first being in Los Angeles, California, and later in Moorpark, California. The members’ lineup was also not constant, with many founding members leaving. In 2022, a reality show called Hype House was released on Netflix and dedicated to bloggers.

In March 2020, Daisy Keech, its founder, left the group. The reason is internal disputes in the team and personal disagreements among adolescents. In May of the same year, the D’Amelio sisters left Hype House. Their spokesman said that it was their protest against the fact that the cohabitation house has become more a business than an art.

But in return, the project was replenished with other personalities, no less famous. Among them is Larri Merritt (alias Larray). After joining the Hype House members, his rankings skyrocketed, with 6 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 13 million on TikTok. He became part of the famous house in January 2020. Another internet sensation is Vinnie Hacker. He became part of the team at the beginning of 2021.

Despite many internal reshuffles and changes, Hype House remains true to itself. This principle is reflected in its identity. The sign of individual expression is his attempt at inner radiance through his creative attitude. Therefore, the emblem contains a lot of bright colors. They demonstrate the diversity of the inner world without changing its outer form – the same house, the same walls. And the project has only one logo.

The icon depicts, of course, a house. It is conveyed figuratively and consists of a roof and a right wall, made with one lilac stroke. There are four miniature windows of the same color located under the roof. Moreover, they are not the same since they have different shapes. On the left handwritten in large print, is the word “Hype.” The letters in it are multi-colored: “H” – blue, “y” – pink, “p” – yellow, “e” – orange. They are outlined along the contour with a purple stripe – to match the lines that draw the house. This is an allegory that he brings everyone together, despite the difference in character. The “H” is oblique and consists of three bars, which is very similar to the hashtag (#), widely used on TikTok. Above it is the barely noticeable article “THE” in capital letters.

In the lower part of the emblem, under the letters “p” and “e,” which are embedded in the house, is a powdery pink rectangle of irregular shape. It is slightly wider on the left than on the right. This geometric figure serves as a background for the small word “HOUSE.” It is written in capital letters and is colored yellow like “p.” Decorated with blue shadows, making it three-dimensional – as if floating above the surface. Together they form a composition that conveys the concept of collective living within the framework of one creative project.

Hype House: Interesting Facts

The Hype House is a group of young social media stars who joined forces in a big house to make videos mainly for TikTok and YouTube. It started in December 2019 by Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), along with others, and quickly became a hit and a big deal in the influencer scene. Here’s a simpler look at what makes the Hype House interesting:

  1. Team Effort: It was created for influencers to come together, live, and work on videos as a team, helping each other gain more followers.
  2. Fancy Home Base: Their first house was a fancy mansion in Los Angeles, serving as a glamorous setting for their videos.
  3. Quick Rise: The members soon got millions of followers, thanks to their group videos and a peek into their luxurious lifestyle.
  4. Variety of Videos: While famous for TikTok dances and challenges, they also make different types of content on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  5. Changing Faces: The lineup of members has changed over time, with some leaving for new projects and others joining to keep things interesting.
  6. Business Moves: Their fame led to deals, merchandise, and even a Netflix reality show in 2021 called “Hype House,” which showed what life was like inside the group.
  7. Influencing TikTok: They’ve greatly impacted what’s popular on TikTok and have inspired other groups to form.
  8. Working Together: They operate like a business, sharing resources, connections, and profits from their joint efforts.
  9. Fun: In addition to fun videos, they tackle social issues, support charities, and connect with fans on deeper topics.

The Hype House marks a new chapter in social media fame, showing how working together can amplify influence and creativity in the digital world.

Font and Colors

Hype House Emblem

Several types of individual fonts have been chosen for the logo since each word has its design. The only thing they have in common is the bubbly style. The letters look voluminous as if inflated.

The corporate palette of the emblem is also diverse and consists of several pastel colors. It includes purple, pink, yellow, blue, and orange.

Hype House color codes

VerdigrisHex color:#10abb8
RGB:16 171 184
CMYK:91 7 0 28
Pantone:PMS 7466 C
Persian PinkHex color:#f27db4
RGB:242 125 180
CMYK:0 48 26 5
Pantone:PMS 211 C
PurpureusHex color:#995ca4
RGB:153 92 164
CMYK:7 44 0 36
Pantone:PMS 2583 C
Banana YellowHex color:#f6dd25
RGB:246 221 37
CMYK:0 10 85 4
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Selective YellowHex color:#febb22
RGB:254 187 34
CMYK:0 26 87 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C