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The I Love New York logo is the embodiment of this phrase, and the designers designed it in an interesting way to make it look like a puzzle. The original logo includes fervent love, recognition, and patriotism. It became so famous that similar signs were dedicated to other cities after it began to appear.

I Love New York: Brand overview

Founded:July 15, 1977
Founder:NY Department of Economic Development
United States
I Love New York is a line from a song that has become a patriotic slogan and logo. It is used as an element of marketing to attract tourists. Today it is considered the official slogan of the city and state. It was first used by the advertising studio Wells Rich Greene under the direction of Mary Wells Lawrence. That was in 1977. But the author is not her, but Milton Glaser – the graphic designer who depicted the prototype logo the year before on a scrap of paper in a cab. It is now a trademark in its own right, owned by the New York State Department of Economic Development. The original symbol is kept on Manhattan in the Museum of Modern Art. Steve Karmen wrote the song from which the phrase is taken. He donated it to the state.

Meaning and History

I Love New York Logo History

The icon has become so popular that it can be seen everywhere: on advertising posters, brochures, brochures, mugs, flags, T-shirts, baseball caps, and numerous other assorted souvenir items. In addition, the logo exists in the form of large and small installations scattered throughout the state of New York. It has developed a huge army of followers, so similar emblems (but with different names of administrative offices) can be seen in every corner of the world.

And it all started with an action organized by the regional Department of Commerce. It was announced by William S. Doyle, hiring marketing agency Wells Rich Greene. Graphic artist Milton Glaser was also involved in the process. The initial sketch came about spontaneously – during a cab ride. The author assumed it was a short-term campaign for a couple of months, so he did the work pro bono. But the innovative badge became so beloved that it became an independent brand and an inseparable symbol of the city of New York. And the conceptual sketch and presentation materials were given to the Museum of Modern Art, where they are still kept to this day.

I Love New York Symbol

The second surge of popularity of the icon with a declaration of love for New York occurred after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Then in solidarity with the victims, Americans started buying and wearing clothes with the I Love New York logo to show their support. Glaser slightly modified the logo at that time, having drawn a small black spot on the red heart – a symbol of grief. It corresponded to the cartographic location of the demolished mall in the lower Manhattan Island area. The emblem was placed on a poster and printed in the Daily News, a local newspaper that raised funds to support victims of the attacks.

The emblem consists of a shortened inscription symbolizing affection for the city and evoking a sense of unity among the metropolis residents. On the icon is the letter “I,” a red heart, as it is drawn on cupid cards, and the abbreviation “NY,” formed from the phrase “New York.” Originally, all the elements were on one line, but then they were split into two. Now each sign is proportionately placed above the other. The letters are bold, large, and decorated with large serifs that extend horizontally.

I Love New York: Interesting Facts

The “I Love New York” slogan and logo are symbols of affection for New York City and State, capturing hearts worldwide.

  1. Born in Tough Times: Created in the mid-1970s, the campaign aimed to boost New York City’s image and tourism during economic struggles and high crime rates.
  2. Milton Glaser’s Design: Graphic designer Milton Glaser created the famous logo, featuring the capital “I,” a red heart, and “NY,” for free, thinking it would last just a few months.
  3. Initial Purpose: It was introduced as part of a 1977 New York State Department of Economic Development campaign to attract tourists to New York State.
  4. Lasting Appeal: The logo went beyond its advertising roots, gracing everything from T-shirts to snow globes, showing its lasting appeal.
  5. Creative Takes: Over time, the logo has seen various versions, including a rainbow-colored heart for LGBT rights and an apple-shaped heart for health campaigns.
  6. Cultural Icon: The slogan and logo have appeared in movies, TV shows, and songs, becoming recognized cultural symbols.
  7. World Love. The world-famous “I Love New York” logo is dedicated to New York City, and universally symbolizes love for one’s own or hometown.
  8. Protected Trademark: The logo is a registered trademark, and the New York State Department of Economic Development defends it against unauthorized use.
  9. Post-9/11 Unity: Following the September 11 attacks, the logo helped show New York’s resilience and support its tourism recovery.
  10. Resilience and Pride: Through the years, “I Love New York” has grown to represent New York’s resilient spirit and pride for this iconic place.

The “I Love New York” campaign demonstrates the impact of design and marketing in creating a place’s identity and inspiring pride and belonging among its people and admirers worldwide.

Font and Colors

I Love New York Emblem

The inscription on the logo is made in American Typewriter Medium – smooth and rounded on the protruding parts of the letters. Joel Kaden and Tony Stan designed it. It first appeared in ITC.

The official palette is understated, emphasizing the heart, which replaces the word “love.” It is the only one colored in bright red. The rest of the signs are black. The background is usually neutral – white.

I Love New York color codes

Neon RedHex color:#ff221c
RGB:255 34 28
CMYK:0 87 89
Pantone:PMS 172 C
LicoriceHex color:#1f191a
RGB:31 25 26
CMYK:0 19 16 88
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C