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The dedication to the ideals of the organization and the sports history of the university, which began in 1923, is reflected in the Idaho State Bengals logo, featuring a mascot that is a feature of the state. It symbolizes power and strength, the team’s constant readiness to fight for victory and leadership.

Idaho State Bengals: Brand overview

Pocatello, Idaho, U.S.
Idaho State University sponsors thirteen intercollegiate teams under the collective name Idaho State Bengals. The sports programs include volleyball, track and field, tennis, softball, soccer, basketball, and cross-country mountain biking. All sports are represented in the Big Sky Conference. Competitions are held at the NCAA Division I level.

Meaning and History

Idaho State Bengals Logo History

The old and new logos of the Idaho State Bengals reflect the college’s colors, which echo the team mascot: a combination of black and orange. However, this does not make the emblems identical – at least the last two are significantly different from the previous ones.

What is Idaho State Bengals?

Idaho State Bengals is an intercollegiate sports program representing Idaho State University. It includes 13 student teams based in Pocatello. They compete in NCAA Division I and FCS (football) and are members of the Big Sky Conference.

1992 – 1996

Idaho State Bengals Logo 1992-1996

One of the earliest symbols of the Idaho State Bengals team repeats the university’s emblem. It features two curved lines forming the letter “U” and the monogram “IS,” officially called the Spirit Mark. The left side of “U” and “I” are black, while the right side and “S” are yellow. The letters contain the words “Idaho State University”.

1997 – 2018

Idaho State Bengals Logo 1997-2018

In 1997, designers placed their mascot, the Bengal tiger, on the sports teams’ emblems. However, only the head is present in the image, occupying less than half of the space. The rest of the space is allocated for the three-line inscription “Bengals Idaho State,” with the first word underscored by a thin red line. The head is surrounded by an uneven orange line with protruding spikes, symbolizing inner tension, energy, and danger.

2019 – today

Idaho State Bengals Logo 2019-Present

In 2019, another redesign significantly simplified the logo. Only the head of a roaring tiger remains, without inscriptions and a glowing halo. The drawing is schematic, although the artists tried to convey the predator’s coloring authentically. The animal looks aggressive, evidenced by its ears, narrowed eyes, and a wide open mouth with sharp fangs.

Idaho State Bengals Basketball Logo

Idaho State Bengals Basketball Logo

The Idaho State Bengals women’s basketball team played its first match in 1974 and joined the Mountain West Athletic Conference in 1982, which later merged with the Big Sky. The men’s team debuted earlier and has participated in a large number of NCAA competitions and won the conference regular season championship twelve times.

Idaho State Bengals Football Logo

Idaho State Bengals Football Logo

At Idaho State University, there is only one football team – the men’s. Its first season was in 1902. Currently, it plays home games at Holt Arena under the leadership of Robert Alan Phenicie.

Idaho State Bengals: Interesting Facts

Idaho State Bengals are a team from Idaho State University. They play sports at a college level and are part of the Big Sky Conference. Here’s a simpler look at what makes them special:

  1. Where They’re From: The team is from Pocatello, Idaho. They chose the nickname “Bengals” because it shows that they’re strong and quick.
  2. Basketball Pride: The men’s basketball team did well in 1977. They made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the college basketball tournament, which is a big deal.
  3. A Cool Stadium: Holt Arena in Pocatello opened in 1970. It was the first dome stadium at a college, and it’s used for football, track, and more.
  4. Women’s Sports: The women’s teams, like volleyball and basketball, are good, too. This shows that the school supports both men’s and women’s sports.
  5. Track Stars: Their track and field team has had athletes who compete worldwide, even in the Olympics.
  6. Helping the Planet: The teams help with community service and environmental projects. They clean places up and help people learn about caring for the earth.
  7. Big Rivals: They have a big sports rivalry with Weber State University. Their games are exciting.
  8. Smart Athletes: Athletes are not just good at sports but also good students. Many win awards for their grades.
  9. Supportive Alumni: People who graduated from Idaho State support the teams. They come back to cheer and help out.

This shows the Idaho State Bengals are more than just a sports team. They work hard, help their community, and do well in school.

Font and Colors

Idaho State Bengals Emblem

The main symbol of the sports teams is the head of a Bengal tiger, which is quite logical considering their nickname and mascot. It can be used in its classic form or supplemented with a wide contour, the color of which depends on the background: gray or orange for black, white for orange. This makes the logo versatile and allows changing the visual context without disrupting the graphic integrity of the drawing.

Idaho State Bengals color codes

Princeton OrangeHex color:#f47920
RGB:244 121 32
CMYK:0 50 87 4
Pantone:PMS 1585 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C