IEK Logo


IEK logo is entirely textual, featuring only an abbreviation set in a unique font that also serves as a graphic element. The upper horizontal stroke of the “E” is separated from the main glyph and painted yellow. This is the only bright spot on the emblem, as the rest is rendered in dark gray, almost black. The dot over the “i” is replaced by a square, matching the width of the characters. Though the first symbol is lowercase, it matches in size with the uppercase letters.

The choice of font is a compelling aspect of the logo’s design. The typeface doesn’t just display the abbreviation; it becomes a visual element in its own right, carrying its weight in the brand’s storytelling. The unique characteristics of each letter signify an attention to detail and precision, qualities highly valued in many industries.

The separation of the upper stroke in the “E” is a particularly captivating feature. This yellow element stands out against a dark backdrop, drawing attention and likely symbolizing innovation or a break from the traditional. The color yellow is commonly associated with optimism, enlightenment, and clarity. Making this the sole bright element in an otherwise dark setting sends a clear message about the brand’s focus on forward-thinking and positivity.

The dark gray that dominates the emblem exudes professionalism and seriousness. It creates a robust backdrop for the bright yellow stroke, creating a balanced interplay between gravity and optimism. This color choice might signify the brand’s reliability and firm standing in business.

Another creative choice is replacing the dot over the ‘i’ with a square. It creates a sense of consistency, as the square matches the width of the characters. The balance between lowercase and uppercase letters in the abbreviation, each equal in size, indicates a harmonious approach to business. It gives the impression that every aspect of the brand is considered equal in importance, from the smallest to the largest.

This meticulously designed logo conveys multiple facets of the brand’s identity without using complex images or elements. Every aspect of the logo, from color choices to font styles to the innovative touches in its design, aligns seamlessly with the company’s character. It encapsulates an essence of modernity, reliability, and innovation, creating an indelible impression likely to resonate with a broad audience.

IEK: Brand overview

Founded: 1999
Moscow, Russia
Established in Moscow, Russia 1999, IEK initially became a purveyor of electrical and lighting solutions. With a commitment to robustness and high-caliber products, the company quickly earned a reputation for quality under its brand name, IEK. As demand grew and technologies evolved, the firm branched out to include telecommunications gear, specifically under its ITK line, and systems for industrial automation, known as ONI.

Acknowledging its expanded scope and burgeoning international profile, the organization transitioned to IEK Group in 2014. This pivotal year marked its evolution from a domestic manufacturer to an international enterprise in electrical engineering. This transformative journey continued when, in 2019, IEK Group purchased the LEDEL lighting brand, signaling its foray into the LED lighting sector.

As of today, IEK Group stands as a foremost entity in Russia for supplying various products ranging from electrical and lighting solutions to automation and IT offerings. These products are designed for various industrial, infrastructure, and residential applications. Winning market leadership in Russia, developing the LEDEL brand, and expanding its international presence is evidence of the company’s constant pursuit of excellence.

IEK Group’s sustained success owes much to its relentless focus on research and development and quality assurance. The company safeguards its standing in a competitive marketplace through significant investments in these critical areas. To sum it up, what began as a specialized electrical equipment supplier has morphed over two decades into a multi-faceted industrial conglomerate that is a recognized brand both in Russia and internationally.

Meaning and History

IEK Logo History

IEK color codes

Charcoal Hex color: #434e4f
RGB: 67 78 79
CMYK: 15 1 0 69
Pantone: PMS 446 C
Sunglow Hex color: #ffc732
RGB: 255 199 50
CMYK: 60 0 23 0
Pantone: PMS 7408 C