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The IGtools logo is a symbol of cordiality, kindness, humanity, and emotional affection, which effectively contributes to increasing the number of likes and followers. This is what the service associated with Instagram is set up for. The palette of the emblem is also subordinated to this concept: it contains pleasant colors that evoke positive emotions with a desire to look into the Internet profile.

IGtools: Brand overview

According to the information provided on the IGtools website, this service is an effective tool for cheating followers, views, and likes on Instagram. It has been translated into two languages: Turkish and English. Its domain was registered in 2018. The main visitors of the web resource are residents of Iran, Turkey, and India.

Meaning and History

IGtools Symbol

As the name IGtools suggests, this online service was created for users of the social network Instagram, as hinted at by the letters “I” and “G” (“InstaGram”). It is positioned as a free tool to get new likes, followers, comments, views, and votes. All this is added automatically after selecting the appropriate service. In turn, the site owners make money on ads that appear when switching between pages. Moreover, they claim that the use of the auto liker is 100% safe.

In addition to the browser version of IGtools, there is an application with a similar set of functions. It has a similar interface but at the same time has such unusual features as the automatic publication of content in the account and a built-in direct messaging system. This software helps users of the social network to promote their accounts and increase the number of subscribers and views.

What is IGtools?

IGtools bills itself as a free online service for those who want to increase their Instagram followers, and get more votes, views, saves, comments and likes. Unlike other web-based social media account promotion tools, IGtools does not charge money for its services.

However, one of the main functions of IGtools remains to increase the number of likes on Instagram. This can even be judged by the web service logo, which, in addition to its name, contains a pink heart in a white circle. This element hints that the site and application aim primarily to get new likes. The symbol is against the background of a multi-colored spot of a complex shape. The latter looks like a jellyfish floating to the right with four tentacles or a flying meteorite with a tail pointing to the left. In this case, the role of a meteorite can be played by a circle with a heart inside.

“Medusa” is painted in several shades of orange, pink and purple, which smoothly flow into one another. A similar gradient, but more uniform in terms of the number of colors, is also found in the inscription located on the right. The word “igtools” is the permanent name of the web service. All letters are lowercase, bold, and do not have serifs. The general background in the main version is white because the logo already contains many bright elements.

The heart depicted on the IGtools logo reveals only one side of this site – increasing the number of likes on Instagram. At the same time, it has many additional features, such as increasing the number of views, comments, and everything else that determines the popularity of a social network account. The heart is placed in a circle, which, judging by the trace it leaves, flies like a comet. This indicates the rapid operation of the service and the fact that users can get instant results.

Font and Colors

IGtools Emblem

The font used by the developers of the IGtools logo is almost 100% identical to Fontfabric’s Nexa Free Bold. This unique geometric grotesque was created in 2012. It features an unusual shape of glyphs, which is especially noticeable in the “g.” By the way, all the letters in the inscription are lowercase: the designers did not highlight the initial “I” and “G” with the help of the upper case.

Both the graphic part of the emblem and the IGtools word mark is colored in the colors of the famous Instagram logo. We are talking about a combination of pink, purple, orange, and red, presented in the form of a gradient.

IGtools color codes

Royal FuchsiaHex color:#bc3a96
RGB:188 58 150
CMYK:0 69 20 26
Pantone:PMS Pink C
AmaranthHex color:#e24358
RGB:226 67 88
CMYK:0 70 61 11
Pantone:PMS 1787 C
CinnabarHex color:#e84338
RGB:232 67 56
CMYK:0 71 76 9
Pantone:PMS Warm Red C
Neon TangerineHex color:#f08b20
RGB:240 139 32
CMYK:0 42 87 6
Pantone:PMS 1495 C