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iHeartRadio logo – we broadcast love. The emblem is filled with the idea of ​​spreading favorite content and melodies to the beat of a beating heart. It is enough to press the button, and the music will flow like a river.

iHeartRadio: Brand overview

Founded:August 1, 2008
Founder:iHeartMedia, Inc.
United States
iHeartRadio is a digital platform and software for playing your favorite music, as well as listening to the news, talk shows, artist search, and entertainment. It brings together many radio stations of various formats and offers various content, including podcasts and playlists. As an application, there are many options: for the Internet, iOS, Android, Alexa, automotive, and other devices.

Meaning and History

iHeartRadio Logo History

The service was launched in 2008 and now belongs to the same name iHeartMedia, Inc., renamed in 2014 to Clear Channel. Since 2019, the service has been a massive podcast and streaming radio service and one of the world’s largest stations.

In the spring of 2008, a website was launched for the first time, featuring song videos, singles on demand, music albums, news, and other entertainment radio content. In the fall of the same year, an application for the iPod Touch and Apple iPhone appeared. It includes 12 radio stations in eight markets. The developers have expanded the program in subsequent years, making it available for devices with BlackBerry, Android, Sonos, Xbox 360, iPad.

In parallel, the number of supported stations grew, as well as the number of services. So, in 2012, the format of online audio news, weather forecast, and traffic streams appeared. Since 2013, the radio service began to involve foreign stations and organized its platform for humorous performances.

Despite the rapid activity and active expansion of its service, iHeartRadi did not radically interfere with the logo. She carried out only one redesign and a minor one, which did not bring significant changes. Therefore, the distinctive characteristic of her image is stability.

What is iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio is a free service that provides access to radio programs, music playlists, audiobooks, and podcasts. Essentially, it is an online radio that can be listened to on tablets, smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other devices with an internet connection. The platform was launched in 2008 and is owned by the American corporation iHeartMedia.

2008 – 2012

iHeartRadio Logo 2008-2012

The corporate logo fully corresponds to the name of iHeartRadio and consists of the elements indicated in it. It started with a big red heart – a classic one, as artists portray it allegorically. It emphasizes the company’s love for its listeners. There is a schematic translation tower in the lower narrow part of the symbol – an arched white projection. Above it, there is a solid point, from which the brackets diverge to the right and left (three on each side). This is the designation of on-air waves broadcast by the station with a great love for the audience.

Simultaneously, the elongated element with a dot is also the letter “i” because the name of the platform for listening to music begins with it. Under the heart in one line is the phrase “iheartradio” in continuous spelling and lower case. Each word in it is highlighted in a specific color: “i” and “radio” – in black, “heart” – in red.

2012 – today

iHeartRadio Logo 2012-present

The redesign did not bring large-scale changes because the brand name ideally echoes the radio company’s concept, activities, and name. The changes made were minimal. The developers reduced the number of waves to two on each side, rounded off the ends, and repainted them from pink to white. They also made the heart darker and added a burgundy to the scarlet gradient. Another adjustment was made to the lettering at the bottom. Now the station name occupies not one but two lines, because the words “iheart” and “radio” are separated. The first one is in the top row and is painted black; the second one is in the bottom position and is written in the silvery font.

iHeartRadio: Interesting Facts

iHeartRadio stands out in the digital radio and music streaming world for its comprehensive offerings and commitment to variety.

  1. Start and Growth: Launched in 2008 by iHeartMedia, Inc., iHeartRadio began with a collection of over 750 company-owned radio stations. It’s now a top digital radio platform in the U.S., offering live stations, personalized music, and a vast array of podcasts.
  2. Podcast Haven: With over 250,000 podcasts, iHeartRadio caters to podcast lovers and hosts one of the biggest collections.
  3. Personalized Music: Users can tailor radio stations to their taste, starting with a favorite song or artist, for a unique listening experience.
  4. Listener-Powered Awards: Since 2014, the iHeartRadio Music Awards has celebrated top artists and songs as chosen by fans.
  5. Universal Access: Available on 250+ platforms and 2,000 devices, iHeartRadio ensures users can enjoy their favorites via smartphones, smart speakers, and even in cars.
  6. Live Radio: Unique for streaming live radio across various genres, iHeartRadio connects users to music, talk shows, and news in real-time.
  7. Star-Studded Festival: The annual iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas is a music industry highlight showcasing top musical talents.
  8. Diverse Offerings: Reflecting its diverse audience, iHeartRadio provides content in multiple languages, including a rich selection of Spanish-language options.
  9. Competitive Subscription Service: iHeartRadio All Access, launched in 2016, offers premium features like offline listening and unlimited song replays from the radio.
  10. Emerging Artist Support: Through programs like “On The Verge,” iHeartRadio boosts new artists with airplay and live performance opportunities.

iHeartRadio’s mix of live and custom radio, extensive podcast library, and dedication to music and community events mark it as a unique player in the streaming landscape, catering to a wide and diverse audience.

Font and Colors

iHeartRadio Emblem

The logo evolved only in color and text, but not in shape. Its structure has remained unchanged, which means that both the radio station’s management and the listeners who use this program like it. Traditional elements of the logo: a romantic heart, the letter “i,” stylized as a broadcast tower, and the company’s name. The rest is variable and subject to adjustment. The parts’ location depends on the country in which the logo is applied, as it exists in several versions.

The emblem is dominated by two types of typefaces: a thin Helvetica Neue and a wide grotesque in bold writing. The word “Radio” is written in uppercase letters, and “iHeart” is a mixed word with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

iHeartRadio Symbol

The designers settled on three colors: red, black, and white. Moreover, red, as the radio company itself emphasizes, is basic and expresses its identity. There is also a gray one, which is included in the additional category.

iHeartRadio color codes

Blue CharcoalHex color:#1b2531
RGB:27 37 40
CMYK:46 24 0 81
Pantone:PMS 433 C
Spanish GrayHex color:#97989c
RGB:151 152 156
CMYK:3 3 0 39
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 7 C
Guardsman RedHex color:#942a2c
RGB:148 42 44
CMYK:0 72 70 42
Pantone:PMS 7622 C
AlizarinHex color:#e13237
RGB:225 50 55
CMYK:0 78 76 12
Pantone:PMS 1795 C