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Naturalness, freshness, safety, and health – this is what the iHerb logo represents. This associative array is fully consistent with the concept of an American online store selling nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, cosmetics, and essential oils. After all, it offers only high-quality products made from natural ingredients.

iHerb: Brand overview

United States
iHerb is an American online store (1996) of natural beauty, health, and sports products. The iHerb logo represents over 1,200 brands. Paul Richard, who stood at the company’s origins, believed that natural products are very useful for the nation’s health. He began by growing soybeans (1948), gradually opening the NOW Food (nutrition for optimal wellness) company – natural nutrition for optimal wellness. Later, Ray Faraee created a website to deliver quality products to all the inhabitants of the Earth. The resource offers 33 thousand of items sold in 185 countries.

Meaning and History

iHerb Symbol

The store logo iHerb is permanent. It was invented when the very first iHerb supplements were sold online. This is a wordmark in green letters.

The combination of iHerb can be translated as “I am a grass.” In a more literary version, “this is a herbal store.” Ray Faraee created a website to sell supplements for mood, depression, and calmness. They were developed from Hypericum’s green mass and flowers (St. John’s wort). The name could have been about this plant since St. John’s wort is grass.

What is iHerb?

The world-famous site of dietary supplements and other natural products. Payment is accepted in 86 currencies. Products are delivered to 185 countries from 8 centers. The store has 4,000 employees.

The letter “i” is written with a small letter since the store is an inanimate object. In this case, the word Herb comes with a capital letter. The owner wanted to focus on something other than the retail itself. Natural raw materials and medicinal herbs are of the greatest value. This is the main feature of the project. Hence the upper case.

iHerb Icon Logo

For writing, a green rounded font is used. Its lines resemble curving stems. The smoothness and smoothness of the corners indicate the softness of the action of additives and their safety for health.

The last “b” is larger than the capital “H.” She alludes to the following:

  • Abbreviation BAD (biologically active dietary supplement). The store provides a wide selection of dietary supplements.
  • The word best. iHerb products are the best option to take care of your health.

At the end of the logo is a registered trademark symbol.

Among the visual identity, the icon of the iHerb website can be noted. This is a green leaf on a white background. Inside the leaf, white veins turn on a white background into a green stalk. The leaf symbolizes:

  • Human. The leg represents nutrition, and the veins represent organs, the green leaf represents the body. The intake of natural products through the “stalk” leads to recovery and cleansing of the organs. It gives life and health to the whole organism. Increases its unity with the surrounding nature, the earth.
  • Raw materials. For the preparation of natural products, components from herbs, shrubs, trees, algae, and mushrooms are used.
  • Naturalness. White veins inside the leaf indicate vegetation grown on clean soils without the use of chemicals.

All icon outlines are rounded and soft except for the pointed leaf tip. This is in perfect harmony with the streamlined lettering of the logo.

Font and Colors

iHerb Emblem

The main colors of the company’s visual signs are white and green.

  • White – purity of raw materials. Rejection of all chemical growth stimulants, pesticides, and herbicides. Cultivation on clean soils. Color is a symbol of medicine. Proper natural nutrition is the simplest and safest treatment that maintains harmony in the body.
  • Green – life, normal growth and development, good health. Symbolizes plants.

Lettering font Torus Pro Semi Bold.

iHerb color codes

Forest GreenHex color:#3f8633
RGB:63 134 51
CMYK:53 0 62 47
Pantone:PMS 347 C