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The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s multi-part logo symbolizes the all-encompassing coverage of services because the organization takes care of all aspects of travel and ensures they meet high standards. It is also a symbol of vigilance, care, and protection.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation: Brand overview

Founded:27 September 1999
Founder:Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways, Government of India
New Delhi, India
IRCTC is an Indian government company specializing in rail transportation, tourism, food, catering, online ticketing, and hotel and travel services. Its name stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. She has been working since 1999. The head office is located in New Delhi. Currently, this organization is part of Indian Railways.

Meaning and History

IRCTC Logo History

The impetus for the company’s emergence was the problems on the Indian railways. The founders of the new structure wanted to solve the existing difficulties with food on the road. Previously, passengers had to buy what they needed from sellers in parking lots and consume not quite high-quality or stale products for food. Unsanitary conditions led to a huge number of diseases, which affected the state of society. Thus, the IRCTC set itself the task of coping with rail transport problems and organizing a civilized service.

Now the company serves several high-speed trains within the country. Since the launch of a new project related to tourism and catering, the company has done a lot. She equipped pantries and kitchens on long-distance and medium-range trains to provide tourists with freshly prepared food. This approach became a real sensation on the Indian railway and raised its prestige.

What is IRCTC?

IRCTC is the abbreviation for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is a government organization engaged in the hotel and tourism business in the field of rail transportation. Her specialization is online ticketing, tourism, food service, and catering. The company has existed since 1999. Its headquarters is in New Delhi.

However, the corporation did not stop there and significantly expanded the scope of its activities by including ticket booking in its services. This can be done on the official website and by phone using SMS, Wi-Fi, and GPRS. Moreover, those who wish can receive electronic tickets and real ones, which are delivered by mail. Against the backdrop of such revolutionary new measures, the identity of this company is also perceived as revolutionary. The emblem is multi-component, the only one, and is associated with the immediate scope of the IRCTC.

The logo was introduced in 1999 and has remained unchanged ever since. A strict and stylish color palette distinguishes it with a predominance of blue and gray colors. The main place in the composition is occupied by “R” – the first letter of the word “Railway.” It is missing the left side, so it looks innovative, as it resembles some railway line. The background is a blue square, located on two triangles, slightly offset from each other.

Three undulating elements are depicted around, resembling fan blades. This indicates that IRCTC was the first in India to equip trains with air-conditioning systems. Due to the combination of contrasting shades (cobalt and white), these details are shaped like hooks with a pointed end. At the bottom is the abbreviated name of the New Generation Railway Corporation. Large and thin letters take up all the lower space, emphasizing balance.

Font and Colors

IRCTC Symbol

The inscription in the logo is made in a sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Kobani is not alone Regular and Ayar Regular. This is a thin font, non-bold, smooth. In the upper case, the letters are even with an optimal ratio of sharp and rounded lines. The corporate palette consists of two colors: Chinese Silver (#CCC7D2) and Navy Blue (#000075). The background is white, which is not included in the official range.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation color codes

Chinese SilverHex color:#ccc7d2
RGB:204 199 210
CMYK:3 5 0 18
Pantone:PMS 5305 C
Navy BlueHex color:#000075
RGB:0 0 117
CMYK:100 100 0 54
Pantone:PMS 2738 C