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The IndiGo logo is a symbol of values and mission. The purple background of the square shape symbolizes stability and reliability, while the white color of the name conveys purity, freshness, and unsurpassed quality work.

The main element of the emblem IndiGo is the image of a plane taking off from white dots. It symbolizes freedom and movement, the desire for new horizons, and the achievement of goals. The plane is not depicted in its entirety but only in its upper part, which adds dynamics and effect to the logo.

The meaning of this emblem is connected to the essence of IndiGo, which is designed to make air travel as accessible and comfortable as possible for all people who want to travel the world. The brand adheres to the values of honesty, transparency, and responsibility to passengers, providing a high level of service and flight safety.

Indian airline IndiGo is one of the largest and most successful airlines in Asia, and its logo, combining strong symbols of stability, cleanliness, movement, and freedom, helps to stand out from competitors and create a recognizable brand that aims to create a safe, comfortable and quality service for their clients.

IndiGo: Brand overview

Founded: 2006
Founder: Rahul Bhatia, Rakesh Gangwal
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Meaning and History

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IndiGo color codes

Marian Blue Hex color: #3a469d
RGB: 58 70 157
CMYK: 63 55 0 38
Pantone: PMS 7687 C