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The International Paper logo makes a double impression. On the one hand, it’s visually clean because it contains nothing superfluous. This is great for a pulp manufacturer. On the other hand, the logo combines differently shaped elements that symbolize the pursuit of advanced technology.

International Paper: Brand overview

Founder:Hugh Chisholm
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

International Paper is an American company that specializes in the sales of paper, pulp, and packaging made from renewable wood fiber. It has more than a century of history because it was founded in 1898 by Hugh Chisholm. Today, International Paper products are available in most countries around the world. As a result, the company has an annual income that exceeds 22 billion US dollars. The organization is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Now it employs more than 55 thousand people.

Interestingly, the company owns a huge area of ​​forests in the US and Brazil. Its factories are located in many cities in the United States, and their number continues to increase. In the middle of the last century, the company extended its influence to Ecuador, Mexico, Italy, and Spain. The number of customers is increasing yearly, which once again confirms the company’s dominance in the market.

Meaning and History

International Paper Logo History

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level because only two variants of the logo have been presented all the time.

What is International Paper?

It is the world’s leading paper manufacturer and offers its products to millions of people worldwide.


International Paper Old Logo

The first version of the logo was an emblem and a verbal inscription with the name of the company located under it. The emblem was a round frame inside which there was an image of spruce in the foreground and a forest in the background. Thus, the company indicated that it specializes in the production of paper. The frame itself had a wide outline on which flowers were depicted.
The International Paper Company brand name was located on the ribbons. Interestingly, the left ribbon contained the first word when “Paper Company” was written on the right. A classic sans-serif font was used for the word lettering, using capital letters and thin lines.

before 1960

International Paper logo 1950s

1960 – 2023

International Paper Logo 1960

Many of the company’s clients do not remember the old version of the logo because, after the first redesign, it did not change. The visual identification of International Paper Company at this stage is concise and minimalistic. These are two words, “International Paper,” between which there is an emblem.

The name is made using a geometric sans-serif typeface. It looks modern and confident. At the same time, the distance between the letters is serious, which makes the letters balanced and light.

The emblem is a black circle with a vertical line and a triangle inside. This symbol can be perceived as a stylized tree and an arrow pointing up. Thus, the potential and ambitions of the company are demonstrated.

The black and white color palette makes the logo look professional and confident. All logo elements are well balanced and easily remembered by potential buyers. The thickness of the lines and the height of the letters are optimal. As a result, the logo can be placed absolutely on any surface.

2023 – today

International Paper Logo

The International Paper Logo, revealed after six decades without a redesign, presents a unique graphic element composed of eight “leaflets,” as the logo company refers to them. These leaflets are graphical representations of pine cone leaves, a significant symbol for International Paper because they signify the company’s origin and growth.

Color has played a crucial role in the redesign, with input from the staff helping choose a shade that reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability. This value is at the heart of the company’s ethos and is represented by the introduction of green hues into the emblem elements.

Adjacent to the symbol, the company’s full name is distinctly displayed using a straightforward and unambiguous typeface. The overall design of the logo is such that it beautifully symbolizes the core values and origins of the company, while also projecting its commitment towards sustainable practices. It’s an elegant balance of honoring the past while looking towards a greener future.

Font and Colors

International Paper Emblem

The word inscription in the current version of the logo is made using a modern geometric sans-serif typeface. It is visually similar to the Gill Sans Bold typeface but with a slight change in lettering style. Changes to the font after the only major redesign made the logo more confident and progressive.

International Paper Symbol

The logo is based on a monochrome color palette, indicating the status and professionalism of the company. The black and white colors suit International Paper’s industry very well and keep it afloat in a highly competitive environment.

International Paper color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C