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International Trucks: Brand overview

Emerging in 1902 from the merger of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and several other companies specializing in agricultural machinery, the International Harvester Company initially focused on the needs of farms. It was not until 1907 that the company entered the commercial trucking arena with the introduction of the Auto Wagon brand. These vehicles were originally designed for rural areas, meeting the specific needs of farmers and local businesses.

During World War I, the company made a significant leap forward by expanding truck production to meet military needs. Over the next two decades, International Harvester produced revolutionary heavy-duty trucks, particularly the D and S Series. These models set new standards in the industry and fueled the company’s growth.

In 1986, in a strategic move, the truck and engine divisions were spun off into a separate company, Navistar International. The company continued to produce medium and heavy trucks, but now under the International brand. Further diversifying its portfolio, in 2001, the company merged with Harley-Davidson’s truck division, acquiring the rights to produce the PayStar and TranStar models.

Over the years, the company broke new ground with the revolutionary ProStar, LoneStar, and LT models, which have become a hallmark of advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology. Despite financial instability during the economic downturn of 2008, Navistar International managed to regroup through a comprehensive restructuring. As a result, it increased its market share, helped by strong industry demand.

In 2020, a turning point occurred when TRATON SE, a German automotive corporation, acquired Navistar International, gaining control of International Trucks. International Trucks now dominates the production of Class 4-8 commercial vehicles in North America and around the world. Under the TRATON umbrella, these trucks are sold in more than 60 countries.

Meaning and History

International Trucks Logo History

1902 – 1915

International Harvester Logo 1902

1915 – 1923

International Harvester Logo 1915

1923 – 1947

International Harvester Logo 1923

1938 – 1953

International Harvester Logo 1938

1946 – 1973

International Harvester Logo 1946

1973 – 1986

International Harvester Logo 1973

1986 – 2002

International Trucks Logo 1986

2002 – today

International Trucks Logo

The rhomboid pattern is a traditional motif for the International Trucks logo. It dates back to 1923 and was reinterpreted in 2002. The designers framed the rhombus with a metallic border, which seems voluminous due to the combination of different shades of silver. The interior is painted black and accented with triangles with a red-orange gradient. In the center is a plaque with the first word of the company name. The size of the letters gradually increases from the edges to the center, taking up all the available space.

The metal trim gives a modern look to the almost century-old diamond pattern, connecting the company’s historical roots with its modern look. A gradient of red-orange triangles gives the design energy and movement. The font, increasing towards the center, draws attention to the brand name, making efficient use of the space within the emblem.