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Each model has an expressive Invicta logo on the hood, including fenders traditionally for automotive brands and unusual colors. It resembles a soaring bird, the feathers of which are painted in bright, expressive shades. The main message of such a logo is to evoke positive emotions and associations with freedom, speed, and ease in customers. This is exactly what powerful cars produced by a well-known brand provide.

Invicta (car): Brand overview

Founder:Oliver Lyle and Noel McLean
Wiltshire, England
Invicta is a unique brand specializing in producing different classes of cars. The company changed its location several times, but at the moment, it is located in Wiltshire (England). High-tech factories are located here, where incredibly fast and powerful cars with the author’s design are made. The lineup includes the legendary Invicta S1 and various variations of cars equipped with a 6-cylinder engine.

Meaning and History

Invicta Logo History

Invicta is a prestigious automotive manufacturer with a long history. The company has several exclusive lines of cars and a series of powerful sports cars based on 6-cylinder engines. The original equipment is a feature of the models released by the specified brand. All Invicta machines are based on specific technologies developed by the brand’s experienced engineers.

This makes them incredibly fast and maneuverable, which sets them apart from other automakers’ cars. Another distinguishing feature is the expressive visual identity. On the hoods of Invicta sports cars, you can see a composite logo consisting of an inscription and a figure in the form of wings. This combination demonstrates the character and values โ€‹โ€‹of the firm.

What is Invicta?

Invicta is a well-known automobile concern that supplies passenger cars and sports cars to the market. Production facilities are located in England, and the products are sent to different countries. The brand’s pride is the exclusive sports cars of the S1 series and the legendary Black Prince cars. In addition to them, Invicta produces other variations of reliable cars with high power.

This is high quality, reliable, and comfortable, providing vivid emotions from using products. The last desire is expressed in unusual colors. Typically, automotive brands choose strict shades and an achromatic palette. Invicta is more original in this regard. It combines rich blue, red, and green. Classic Black is available in a limited edition.

The year 1925 is considered to be the founding date of the automobile manufacturing enterprise. It was created by two avid car enthusiasts, Oliver Lyle and Noel McLean. Initially, the production facilities were located in Cobham, and after five years, the company moved to Chelsea. The factories are currently located in Wiltshire. Throughout the history of the company’s existence, there have been different periods, which were accompanied by cardinal changes. Despite this, the visual concept remained the same.

Modern customers can see the logo under which the first models were produced. This approach to corporate identity design indicates that the brand is especially reverent about its history and heritage. This is not surprising since Invicta vehicles today exemplify a combination of innovation and original engineering.

The use of the latest solutions in production is emphasized at the font level. The Invicta lettering is styled with modern typefaces that have a cleaner and more tidy look. They are associated with novelty, striving for excellence, and friendliness. An additional feature is vertical placement. The letters are arranged so that there are small spaces between them, and a light gray tint is chosen as the background.

In this design, the inscription is well read and looks quite elegant. On the sides are figures resembling the wings of a bird. This is a symbol with a special semantic load. It shows what customers who choose the Invicta brand can get. Among the main advantages are speed, convenience, freedom, and ease. The final element of the concept is harmonious coloring. Bright colors symbolize success, positivity, energy, and calmness.

Font and Colors

Invicta (car) Symbol

The original emblem in the form of wings, complemented by the name of the legendary brand, is a harmonious continuation of its identity. This is a non-standard logo for the automotive industry. But, despite this, it fits perfectly into the overall picture. Excellent layout is achieved through a modern font, similar to the style of Sans Serif, as well as a catchy color scheme. The color scheme, in this case, is a balanced combination of shades of cold and warm spectra.

This palette choice demonstrates rigor and strict adherence to established standards, energy, and progressiveness. The main one in the palette is a blue hue, in which most of the stylized feathers are colored. It is a symbol of reliability, honesty, and professionalism. In addition, the logo contains inserts of red and green colors. The first symbolizes strength, pressure, and action, and the second symbolizes calmness and stability. The combination of these characteristics can be traced directly in the work of a well-known brand.

Invicta is developing dynamically while doing everything gradually and evenly. The final part of the message of the bright emblem is the original font. It refers to modernized sans-serif variations that demonstrate renewal, innovation, and a desire for improvement. This is what is at the heart of Invicta’s activities. The brand strictly adheres to the basic principles and, at the same time, tries to improve the machines using new high-tech developments.

Invicta (car) color codes

Vivid BurgundyHex color:#992131
RGB:153 33 49
CMYK:0 78 68 40
Pantone:PMS 187 C
GlaucousHex color:#597fc8
RGB:89 127 200
CMYK:56 37 0 22
Pantone:PMS 660 C
Pearl AquaHex color:#84c2aa
RGB:132 194 170
CMYK:32 0 12 24
Pantone:PMS 338 C
Dark Jungle GreenHex color:#191b12
RGB:25 27 18
CMYK:7 0 33 89
Pantone:PMS 419 C