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A brand of watches created for those who love luxury living, so it is difficult to call the logo simple. The Invicta logo radiates pride in high-quality accessories and the desire to make them even better, which the company always strives for.

Invicta: Brand overview

Founder:Raphael Picard
Hollywood, Florida, U.S.

Invicta is a well-known American company that produces luxury watches and accessories for them. Its main office is located in the United States of America (Florida), but most of the production is made in Switzerland. This is directly indicated on all watches of the brand. Invicta Watch Group currently produces original watch lines in partnership with well-known companies and personalities.

The catalog includes models based on Marvel films, a series in honor of Shaquille O’Neal and Jason Taylor, and other exclusive variations. Incredibly attractive products are produced under a rather modest and concise logo, which has not changed since the creation of the brand. It not only demonstrates stability but also emphasizes the elite Swiss origin. It features the country’s signature symbol and uses a traditional serif typeface to complement the classic visual concept.

Meaning and History

Invicta Logo History

Invicta Watch Group is a thriving company that periodically pleases its customers with unique models of stylish watches. A wide variety of options opens up great opportunities for buyers. In the assortment, there are ideal options for both lovers of timeless classics and outrageous models in the style of science fiction films. One can notice the characteristic Swiss restraint and precision in each presented product.

This is not surprising because the company was founded in this country, and now most of the products are produced there. Hence the stylish restraint in the logo is complemented by the main element of the Swiss flag – the cross. It is located above the company name in the center of the graphic symbol. The overall concept involves layering, simple coloring, and a solid typeface in a traditional style.

What is Invicta?

Invicta Watch Group is the name of an American watch company that produces exclusive high-quality products. The main office is in Florida (USA), and most production facilities are in Switzerland. The wristwatches and accessories of this manufacturer meet all established standards and are distinguished by the incredible precision inherent in Swiss models.

Invicta Watch Group is the successor of a small watch company that was established in 1837 in Switzerland. Its founder was Rafael Picard, who served as the head until bankruptcy in 1980. Three years after that, it passed into the private ownership of Ondix SA, and sometime later, it ended up under the leadership of an American company. All this time, Invicta has been true to its original visual concept.

Invicta Symbol

It was based on a simple strict logo created in the contour plane. All the elements from which the icon was created were formed exclusively by simple thin lines. The exception was a more massive font, created with thicker, straight lines. The main element (company name) also had an unusual stroke. The letter V had an unusual tail that was wrapped inside. The designers decided to diversify the discreet classic font in this way.

The second inscription consisted of two words – Watch Group. Their style differed significantly from the design of the first inscription. The letters had no serifs and looked more modern. The use of fonts from different categories showed respect for the brand’s developments, as well as attention to the latest technologies. The progressiveness of the logo was also emphasized by a figure resembling two wings. They symbolized lightness, dynamic development, and flight of fancy.

The latter characteristic can be easily seen in the latest Invicta collections. Designers and developers are pleasantly surprised with an incredibly creative approach to creating products. Each of their models is a true work of art. But, an attractive appearance is not all that a brand can please. All products are of high quality and precision, which is a characteristic feature of Swiss technology. A graphic symbol confirms their use in the form of a cross inside the wings.

Font and Colors

Invicta Emblem

The Invicta Watch Group logo is a vivid example of expressiveness, which is created not by color but by multi-component content. The basis is two inscriptions made in different styles. The main one is directly the company’s name, and the second emphasizes the type of activity. Invicta is made in the style of the Serif font group. This is a traditional category characterized by the presence of serifs, solid icons, and straight lines.

The chosen format symbolizes reliability, respect, respect for traditions, and comfort. Watch Group is made in a different format. These are more modern icons reminiscent of the Sans Serif style. This font category has no serifs and is characterized by smooth, stylish lines. Despite the different features, the inscriptions are in perfect harmony since the formats are as close as possible.

In addition, the elements are made in a single color. The font is colored in a basic dark gray hue, and a neutral white color is used as the background. A simple, subdued color palette demonstrates timeless relevance, prestige, and an emphasis on high quality. This combination also emphasizes elitism and prestige, which is directly reflected in the activities of the Invicta Watch Group.

The brand presents itself as a reliable, time-tested manufacturer of watches. The final touch of the visual concept is a neutral white background. It symbolizes honesty, calmness, and openness. These traits also apply to a well-known brand. The company often shares with customers the secrets of production, technologies, and ideas for creating new collections.

Invicta color codes

Dim GrayHex color:#6c6c6c
RGB:108 108 108
CMYK:0 0 0 58
Pantone:PMS 424 C