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Iran Khodro: Brand overview

Founded:29 August 1962
Founder:Ahmad Khayami, Mahmoud Khayami
Tehran, Iran
Established in 1962 as part of the Shah’s “White Revolution” industrial push, Iran National, now known as Iran Khodro, began its journey by assembling vehicles with imported components. By 1965, the company transitioned to a full-fledged domestic production line, marking the birth of the Hillman Hunter. This vehicle, a licensed model from the UK’s Rootes Group, became the cornerstone of Iran’s automotive industry as its maiden mass-produced car.

As the 1960s and 70s decades unfolded, Iran Khodro thrived, partnering with global auto giants such as Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz to produce cars tailored for the Iranian market. However, the 1979 Iranian Revolution ushered in a seismic shift in the company’s operations. As foreign collaborations dwindled, the company focused on churning out models of brands like Peugeot, leveraging designs from preceding decades.

Entering the 21st century, Iran Khodro showcased its ingenuity by unveiling the Samand, a purely domestic creation. This era also saw the rejuvenation of foreign collaborations, as Iran Khodro rekindled partnerships with brands like Renault and Peugeot to infuse their lineup with modern-day vehicles. With the capability to roll out over a million vehicles yearly from its expansive production facilities, Iran Khodro has cemented its position as Iran’s automotive titan. Balancing a blend of homegrown brands and foreign-licensed variants such as Runna and Dena, with its massive workforce of around 100,000, dominates Iran’s auto sector, contributing to more than half of the nation’s car output.

Meaning and History

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What is Iran Khodro?

Founded in 1962 by the Khayami brothers, Ahmad and Mahmoud, Iran Khodro (IKCO) has matured into a premier car manufacturing powerhouse in Tehran, Iran. Originally known as “Iran National,” IKCO now represents superior quality and innovative practices in the Iranian auto industry.

Through its collaborations with globally acclaimed brands like Peugeot and Renault, Iran Khodro has solidified its position as one of the most influential automobile producers in the Middle East. The company’s portfolio spans many vehicles, including cars, trucks, minibusses, and buses. Its marque, Samand, has also enjoyed widespread popularity in the Iranian market.

1962 – 1972

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1990 – today

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