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The Iran Khodro logo represents cars with the speed and elegance of an Arabian steed. The emblem depicts a pioneer who has “galloped” through the country’s automobile industry’s uncharted paths.

Iran Khodro: Brand overview

Established in 1962 as part of the Shah’s “White Revolution” industrial push, Iran National, now known as Iran Khodro, began its journey by assembling vehicles with imported components. By 1965, the company transitioned to a full-fledged domestic production line, marking the birth of the Hillman Hunter. This vehicle, a licensed model from the UK’s Rootes Group, became the cornerstone of Iran’s automotive industry as its maiden mass-produced car.

As the 1960s and 70s decades unfolded, Iran Khodro thrived, partnering with global auto giants such as Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz to produce cars tailored for the Iranian market. However, the 1979 Iranian Revolution ushered in a seismic shift in the company’s operations. As foreign collaborations dwindled, the company focused on churning out models of brands like Peugeot, leveraging designs from preceding decades.

Entering the 21st century, Iran Khodro showcased its ingenuity by unveiling the Samand, a purely domestic creation. This era also saw the rejuvenation of foreign collaborations, as Iran Khodro rekindled partnerships with brands like Renault and Peugeot to infuse their lineup with modern-day vehicles. With the capability to roll out over a million vehicles yearly from its expansive production facilities, Iran Khodro has cemented its position as Iran’s automotive titan. Balancing a blend of homegrown brands and foreign-licensed variants such as Runna and Dena, with its massive workforce of around 100,000, dominates Iran’s auto sector, contributing to more than half of the nation’s car output.

Meaning and History

Iran Khodro Logo History

What is Iran Khodro?

Iran Khodro, commonly known as IKCO, is a leading force in the Iranian automotive industry. This prominent manufacturer offers various vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial trucks and buses. As one of the Middle East’s largest car producers, Iran Khodro has earned a reputation for creating dependable, cost-effective vehicles.

1962 – 1972

Iran Khodro Logo 1962

The first emblem is a blue square, symbolizing harmony and reliability. Inside is a blue shield with a gradient and a metallic border, representing strength.

The shape and design of the emblem mirrored the Peugeot emblem, with which the manufacturer collaborated, producing cars under license. Inside the heraldic symbol, there is not a lion but a horse’s head.

Horses have been a constant means of transportation in the region for many centuries. One of the oldest domesticated horses, the Caspian horse, was found in Iran. Even now, the country breeds 21 types of horses. The metallic horse evoked the necessary associations with riding, freedom, and travel for Iranians.

At the bottom, the letters “IKCO” are written in white, representing Iran Khodro Company. In Persian, “Khodro” means “car.” Therefore, the translation of the name was simple—”Iranian car.” The company became the first to produce a car in the country.

1990 – today

Iran Khodro Logo

After resuming its partnership with Peugeot and releasing the Peugeot 405 model, Iran Khodro updated its logo. During this period, the European manufacturer used a blue square in its emblem, prompting Iran Khodro to remove this element from its design to emphasize independence.

As peace was restored in the country and the economic situation improved, the brand gained the opportunity to enter European markets. Iran Khodro began collaborating with other automotive companies and exporting products to the Middle East and Africa.

The new company emblem features a white shield with a white frame. Inside the shield, a blue horse’s head symbolizes strength and speed. The company name is written in Arabic script at the bottom of the shield. The design reflects Arabic roots, freedom, and lightness, highlighting cultural heritage and the aspiration for new heights.

The updated logo marks a new era for Iran Khodro. The brand actively developed its unique identity and became recognizable in its home market and beyond its borders.