The elements of the logo showcase the company’s three business lines, which are built around travel and the road. The IRCTC logo is modern and stylish. This shows that services are provided at the highest level using advanced technologies.

IRCTC: Brand overview

Founded:27 September 1999
Founder:Government of India
New Delhi, India
IRCTC is a catering and tourism railroad company that is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. It was formed in September 1999 and is headquartered in New Delhi (NCT, India). Its full name is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The company’s main services include hotel and travel services, catering, and online sales of electronic tickets. It also owns the country’s largest e-commerce site.

Meaning and History

IRCTC Symbol

IRCTC currently operates four Tejas Express high-speed trains under the state-owned company Miniratna, which owns it. Before that, passengers had huge nutritional problems during long train journeys. They had to leave the trains and quickly buy whatever they needed at stations with minute stops. Poor quality and unsanitary food led to even more difficult problems in the country. And short exits from the carriages ended with panic and storming of the station food stalls.

After the catering and tourism project launch, pantries and kitchens appeared on medium and long-distance trains, serving passengers with freshly prepared high-quality dishes. This was a real revolution on the Indian railroad.

What is Irctc?

IRCTC is an abbreviation for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, which specializes in tourism, catering, and ticketing in the rail industry. The organization was formed in 1999 and is subordinate to the ministry.

Also, the company has begun to expand its services, including related areas, gradually. She was the first to offer to book train tickets through her website. Over time, other sources of orders were added: using phones via SMS, GPRS, and Wi-Fi. Now the population can book not only electronic tickets but also real ones, with delivery by mail. And for suburban routes, special passes are sold. The firm has also implemented a Shubh Yatra program for those who frequently travel by train.

Against the background of the measures taken, which became innovative for India, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation logo is perceived no less revolutionary. It has more than one color; it is complex in structure, reflects the company’s key direction, and consists of its main symbols. Since this is a young organization, it has only one brand name.

IRCTC: Interesting Facts

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, or IRCTC, is a part of the Indian Railways. It deals with food, tourism, and online ticket sales.

  1. Start: The government started IRCTC on September 27, 1999, to improve train food and stations and to help people travel more by train in India and other countries.
  2. Booking Tickets Online: In 2002, IRCTC made a website where people can easily buy their train tickets online. This was a big change because it made getting tickets much easier.
  3. Tatkal System: This is a special way to buy tickets if you need to travel soon. It costs a bit more, but it’s helpful for last-minute plans.
  4. Tejas Express: IRCTC started this very nice train. It has fancy lights, movie screens, WiFi, and comfy seats. It’s different from regular trains because it has better services.
  5. Order Food to Your Seat: IRCTC also lets you order food from famous restaurants right to your seat on the train.
  6. Trips to Other Countries: IRCTC doesn’t just help with train stuff; it also makes it easier for people from India to travel to other countries with special travel packages.
  7. Fancy Trains: They run super fancy trains like the Maharajas Express and the Palace on Wheels that let you travel like a king and see important places in India.
  8. Rail Neer Water: IRCTC makes its bottled water, Rail Neer, available on trains and at stations.
  9. Busy Website: The IRCTC website is busy, sometimes selling thousands of tickets in just a minute!

IRCTC has changed how people travel by train in India, making it much easier to book tickets, eat good food, and even travel in style.

Font and Colors

IRCTC Emblem

The centerpiece is the “R,” which is an abbreviation of the word “Railway.” The letter is half-hatched and does not have a left half, so it looks like a thin railroad symbol on the map. It is located on a dark blue square and connects to its background at the entry and exit points.

Then two triangles with convex sides are shown. Geometric shapes differ in size. Therefore they are harmoniously inscribed into each other. The small triangle is white; the large one is gray. They are located on an impromptu fan propeller, which is extremely important for the company because it was the first to serve trains with improved comfort – with air conditioning systems. The three blades look like hooks due to the combination of contrasting colors.

Under the graphic symbol is the abbreviated name of the company – IRCTC. It is an acronym for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The letters are straight, thin, large, and placed exactly in the center, which does not upset the balance of the emblem elements.

The inscription in the logo is made in a smooth typeface – grotesque, with an even ratio of rounded and sharp lines. All characters are in upper case and have a mid-character breakdown. Although there are three colors in the emblem, white is not considered corporate and only acts as a background for the other two – Navy Blue (# 000075) and Chinese Silver gray (# CCC7D2).

IRCTC color codes

Navy BlueHex color:#000075
RGB:0 0 117
CMYK:100 100 0 54
Pantone:PMS 2738 C
Silver GrayHex color:#ccc7d2
RGB:204 199 210
CMYK:3 5 0 18
Pantone:PMS 5305 C

What is the Irctc logo?

The IRCTC logo is a grotesque name for the organization with straight and wide letters. It is complemented by an individual sign in a triangular shield with a white R fragment on a blue square. There are three blade-like elements around it.

What is the logo of the Indian Railway?

The Indian Railway logo consists of a circle with a steam locomotive on a lined background. Seventeen white stars and inscriptions surround it in English and Indian languages. The emblem is made in light purple.

Is Irctc Indian company?

Yes, IRCTC is an Indian company under the direct control of the state, although, since 2019, its shares have been traded on the exchange.

Which is official site of Irctc?

This is a state-owned enterprise in India, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Railways; therefore, the official website of IRCTC is located on the Indian domain – There is another web resource –