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The large size of the equipment is combined in the emblem with the balance and harmony of its appearance. The metal’s brilliance and the working elements’ scope look majestic. The Iveco logo shows the lightness and gracefulness in work that the machines demonstrate.

Iveco: Brand overview

Founded:1 January 1975
Founder:Exor N.V.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Iveco (or IVECO S.p.A.) is an Italian manufacturer of commercial vehicles: buses, trucks of various tonnages, construction sites, quarry vehicles, fire trucks, and much more. It was founded in 1975. The company was based on five firms: one German (Magirus-Deutz), one French (Unic), and three Italian (Fiat, Lancia, OM). They have teamed up to produce quality specialized equipment. The firm is now owned by CNH Industrial and is headquartered in Turin (Piedmont).

Meaning and History

Iveco Logo History

The merged company was officially registered in January 1975. After merging five companies into one, she started active activities since it was created to rationalize the existing range. The company has increased its production capacity and expanded its dealer network, which already numbers over 5,000 points of sale and service in more than 160 countries worldwide.

In addition, the new structure has embarked on its development of engines for heavy trucks and buses, introduced several personal lines, offering excellent commercial vehicles to customers. To increase credibility and gain consumer confidence, she has repeatedly sponsored various international events: the Olympic Games, sports cups, expeditions, championships, races, and so on.

At its development center, Iveco has introduced many technical innovations related to engines. And her cars EuroCargo and EuroTech, were awarded the title Truck of the Year in 1992 and 1993. In 2000, her Daily van was recognized as the best in its class, receiving an award at the International Motor Show in Amsterdam. In the course of development, the concern bought industry firms, opening new assembly lines. Gradually, it also included English, Austrian and other manufacturers. He also entered into many agreements with overseas enterprises.

Thanks to this thoughtful approach and vigorous activity, the company has popularized itself; therefore, it is well known in all corners of the world. The first corporate logo was presented immediately after the opening – in 1975. It reflected the elements of the identity of the enterprises belonging to the general group. During all this time, she had four emblems.

What is Iveco?

Iveco is a manufacturer of industrial machinery and commercial vehicles. Its name is derived from the initial letters of “Industrial Vehicles Corporation.” The company produces minibusses, buses, trucks, trailers, specialized vehicles, chassis, and engines. Although the company is Italian, its headquarters are located in the Netherlands. Until 2022, it was part of CNH Industrial, but after the separation, it became part of the Iveco Group.

1975 – 1977

Iveco Logo 1975-1977

The debut version of the logo consisted of a square frame with several elements located inside it. The largest is a diagonal rectangle divided into two parts by a thin white stripe. The upper shape looked like a small horizontal rectangle, and the lower one contained the inscription “IVECO” in capital sans serif letters. The main palette consisted of deep blue and white colors.

1977 – 1979

Iveco Logo 1977-1979

After the redesign, the company name was moved outside the graphic icon, which the developers reduced in size. On the contrary, they enlarged the inscription and placed it on the right side, keeping the same font – capital, bold, smooth, chopped.

1979 – 1980

Iveco Logo 1979-1980

In 1979, the automaker’s identity received three major changes:

  1. The icon’s color disappeared, and only the contour lines remained colored, while the inner space became white.
  2. A deep blue (cobalt) has been transformed into pastel blue-violet.
  3. The font has become sleek and streamlined due to the rounded corners.

1980 – today

Iveco Logo 1980-present

The company ditched the graphic icon, leaving only the name as a sign of visual identity. The word “IVECO” is large but not changed – the font remains the same. But the color changed – it became dark blue.

Iveco: Interesting Facts

Iveco stands for Industrial Vehicles Corporation, a top-notch Italian company making trucks, buses, and diesel engines. It’s known worldwide for its significant role in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Let’s dive into some key points about Iveco:

  1. How It Started: In 1975, Iveco was born from the merger of five companies from Italy, France, and Germany. This was done to bring together their expertise in making commercial vehicles.
  2. Worldwide Operations: Iveco has a large global reach, operating in over 160 countries and 67 production sites in 15 countries. Its vehicles are used in various sectors, such as transport, construction, and logistics.
  3. Eco-friendly Innovations: Iveco leads the creation of vehicles that use alternative fuels, like the Eurocargo CNG, a truck running on natural gas. This move helps cut down on CO2 emissions.
  4. Iveco Daily Van: Introduced in 1978, the Iveco Daily is known for its strong build and rear-wheel drive, making it stand out. Over the years, it has received awards for its reliability and adaptability.
  5. Dakar Rally Victories: Iveco has made a name for itself several times in the Dakar Rally, winning the truck category several times. This highlights the toughness and performance of its vehicles in harsh conditions.
  6. Joining CNH Industrial: In 2013, Iveco joined CNH Industrial, enhancing its capabilities in research, development, and innovation.
  7. Iveco Bus: In addition to trucks, Iveco makes buses that are focused on comfort, fuel efficiency, and eco-friendliness. These buses cater to city transport, long-distance travel, and tours.
  8. Going Green: Iveco invests in electric and hybrid vehicle technologies to lower emissions and improve efficiency. The Iveco E-Way is an electric bus designed for city use.
  9. Stralis NP Truck: The Iveco Stralis NP is the first natural gas truck for long-haul trips, offering a cleaner alternative to diesel.
  10. Defense Vehicles: Iveco also provides defense and civil protection vehicles, including military and armored vehicles.

Iveco’s innovation journey, commitment to green practices, and broad reach have made it a significant player in the vehicle industry, pushing forward technology and environmental care.

Font and Colors

Iveco Emblem

The beveled rectangle, divided in two by a white line, is the stylized first letter of the Iveco company name. The “i” symbol is slanted, and a small rectangle is used instead of the classic dot. In early versions of the logo, it had a solid fill and then became white with a blue outline.

Iveco Symbol

For the logo, the designers first chose the Gill typeface. In 1979, they changed it to a font reminiscent of Neo Sans. But the color scheme of the logo is stable. At all times, it consisted of a combination of white and blue (in several shade variations).

Iveco color codes

Marian BlueHex color:#203c7c
RGB:32 60 124
CMYK:74 52 0 51
Pantone:PMS 7687 C