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The Jacuzzi logo, like the name, seems musical, although there is no obvious hint of connection to the art form. The producer of saunas, whirlpools, and spa pools used a refined logo to represent his belonging to Italy and his loyalty to an extravagant style.

Jacuzzi: Brand overview

Founder:Jacuzzi family
Chino Hills, California, U.S.

Jacuzzi is one of the world’s best distributors of sanitary products. This large company is of Italian origin and has a fairly extensive structure. In addition to the headquarters in California (USA), Jacuzzi has several subsidiaries. Due to the presence of subdivisions, large-scale deliveries of products both within the country and abroad are ensured. Brand plumbing is quite in demand because it is of high quality and durability.

Each product has branding, which consists of a classic logo. The picture is a harmonious combination of a traditional decorative font, a geometric frame, and timeless colors. This is a true example of a visual concept that is timeless. It reflects prestige, elitism, and high quality. It was this message that the largest Jacuzzi manufacturer wanted to convey to customers.

The history of the Jacuzzi brand is quite extraordinary. Initially, the company’s founders were engaged in creating spare parts for aircraft and working on military contracts. Later, the developers changed their specialization. This event became a landmark not only for the company itself but for the plumbing industry as a whole. Jacuzzi was the first in the world to manufacture a hot tub that had a built-in design. It was this invention that marked the beginning of a whole generation of plumbing. In the future, such structures received the appropriate name – a jacuzzi.

Meaning and History

Jacuzzi Logo History

At the time of its foundation, the company had an exquisite corporate badge, which has become an invariable symbol of high quality. It was used throughout the existence of the Jacuzzi and is still relevant today. This feature of the visual identity emphasizes the company’s stability, which for many years has been producing only high-quality products with excellent functionality. The lack of updating also symbolizes a tribute to the past and a respect for the unique invention that made the company famous worldwide.

Jacuzzi had a completely different specialization at the time of its foundation (1915). The founders of Candido and Giocondo Jacuzzi were engaged in the creation of wooden propellers. But, the production was not successful. After that, a series of events followed, which became the prerequisites for creating the first built-in hot tub, a real breakthrough. From that moment on, the Jacuzzi brand logo has become especially recognizable.

The elegant emblem with the inscription and the original oval frame gradually became a symbol of new products and showed modern technologies’ influence. In addition, other messages are also visible in the attractive brand badge. The brand values ​​its heritage, excellent reputation, and outstanding achievements. This is directly reflected in the font and coloring.

What is Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is a well-known brand that supplies exclusive sanitary ware to the market. The catalog includes hot tubs, sinks, toilets, showers, and chic home systems for spa treatments. Products are manufactured not only by the company itself but also by numerous subsidiaries (Zurn, Sundance, Astracast, etc.). A feature of the company is its Italian origin, which is visible in every detail of the products.

before 1965

Jacuzzi Logo befoe 1965


1965 – 1970s

Jacuzzi Logo 1965

In 1965, the company introduced a new logo associated with its hot tub products. In the center was the word “Jacuzzi” in a custom font. And below was the phrase “WHIRLPOOL BATH.” Designers used sans-serif capital letters for it. The inscription was surrounded by bubbles and swirls, symbolizing the flow of water passing through the hydromassage system. All elements were black.

1970s – 2005

Jacuzzi Logo 1970s

In the 1970s, Jacuzzi slightly changed the emblem, retaining the original concept. This time, a yellow ellipse with a black outline appeared against the background of the black inscription “Jacuzzi WHIRLPOOL BATH.” The swirls are neater, the lines are thinner, and the bubbles are more pronounced. All this was associated with energy, comfort, and relaxation.

2005 – 2014

Jacuzzi Logo 2005

The logo, created in 2005, was different from previous versions. It contained only the brand name against a yellow ellipse with a wide border. The letters were made in silver color, using gradient fills and shadows, which gave the lettering a three-dimensional look. The same applies to the outer edging of the emblem. The noble metallic luster symbolized luxury and status – qualities that emphasize the prestige of the Jacuzzi.

2014 – today

Jacuzzi Logo

The color scheme does not include bright, cheerful colors that distract from the main essence. It uses the classic palette that is always relevant, consisting of two traditional shades. They make the logo solid and quite expressive. This is especially evident in the combination of thin dark lines and a light background that occupies most of the space.

The predominance of a light shade demonstrates the conscientiousness, honest intentions of the company, and special attention to the quality of products. Dark colors in the logo emphasize the rigor, adherence to principles and standards, as well as the prestige of the brand. Dilutes the restrained color scheme with a non-standard font, which is distinguished by beveled cuts in some letters.

Font and Colors

Jacuzzi Symbol

The Jacuzzi brand logo is the perfect reflection of Italian motifs. They appear in the elegant font, classic coloring, and the layout of the details. The basis of the emblem is the name of the company, which is presented in a bewitching way. This effect is achieved through the use of the author’s font. Its distinctive features are:

  • Unusual cuts in some of the letters.
  • The presence of smooth dots.
  • A rather old-fashioned shape.

Original smooth circles favorably complement the letters I, J, and C. Two Z’s are decorated in a rather strict version and have characteristic serifs. Additional decor can be seen in the letters J and U. They have a large diagonal cut that sets them apart from the general background. Despite such a diverse design within the same font category, the inscription looks quite harmonious and sophisticated.

The name itself is enclosed in a frame with lines of different widths. Both elements are finished in elegant black. It favorably distinguishes them and focuses on the brand name. In addition, black is associated with a solid status and stability, which also characterizes the company. The white color of the background in this context emphasizes honesty and a responsible approach to business.

Jacuzzi color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C