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Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) LogoJapanese domestic market (JDM) Logo PNG

The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) logo is businesslike and stylish, accurately reflecting the prospects for expanding this trend. It professionally communicates its concept and status. To achieve this, the designers’ confident strokes sufficed, identifying the national culture as positively oriented towards continuous development.

Japanese domestic market (JDM): Brand overview

JDM – Japanese Domestic Market, is a short abbreviation to simplify a long name, which is not entirely convenient to pronounce. This term refers to goods produced only for the Japanese market. It encapsulates the general criteria imposed on cars for domestic use. In this way, the Japanese oppose grey markets and harsh technical inspection conditions. Besides, there exists a JDM culture in the world. Its supporters are fans of Japanese passenger cars, parts, and tuning accessories.

Meaning and History

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Symbol

The requirements put forth by the JDM culture for passenger transport for domestic use differ from those applied to exported cars. However, this rule only applies to goods, as the logo is understandable to domestic and foreign consumers. It is based on purely Japanese images, easily decipherable. The emblem plays out several key nuances:

  • the unofficial name of Japan (Land of the Rising Sun);
  • colors of the national flag (red and white);
  • the population’s love for domestic market products (auto marking).

What is the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)?

JDM stands for the Japanese Domestic Market, a term denoting goods that meet the mandatory criteria of the Japanese domestic market. That is, they can be used in this country. Their distinguishing features are reliability, style, beauty, safety, innovation, and performance. It is also the name of a particular cultural movement associated with cars, parts, and tuning accessories made in Japan.

The latter means that the followers of the JDM movement stick this sign on their cars as a symbol of pride in Japanese technology. The Japanese Domestic Market logo is simple: it has only two parts – text and graphics.

The abbreviation is executed in a grotesque font in uppercase. The letters are large, monolithic, and wide. “D” and “M” are connected, and a narrow dividing strip is laid between “J” and “D.” The full name of the term is typed in lowercase glyphs, except for the first characters in each word.

To the right is a flag featuring a sun with 16 rays, expanding to the edge of the rectangle. The center is a circle solidly filled in red. This bright symbol is situated on a black background. It originated in 1603 and was used by the military during the Edo period, and then was again revived as one of the main signs of belonging to Japanese culture (in 1954).

Font and Colors

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Emblem

The designers chose a font with wide and bold letters without serifs for the inscription. It resembles Neology Grotesque ExtraBold by Shinntype. The color scheme consists of red (the sun is colored) and white (used for the text).