JDM Logo


The vibrant JDM logo named Shoshinsha excels at its function. It grabs the attention of those around to warn: caution, novice driver! Therefore, cars with such a label in Japan are often seen as a mandatory attribute for inexperienced drivers, who can only remove it one year after obtaining their license.

JDM: Brand overview

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, representing car stickers indicating their belonging to the domestic market. Supporters of this trend use various warning signs, one of which is Wakaba or Shoshinsha. It indicates inexperienced novice drivers.

Meaning and History

JDM Logo History

The JDM Leaf mark on personal transportation in Japan is mandatory. It warns other traffic participants that a novice drives the car. The Wakaba sign has been in use since 1972. According to the rules, it is placed at the front and back of the car’s body and stays there for no less than 12 months from obtaining the driver’s license. Such an emblem signals to others that the driver is a novice who is not yet confident in their actions and needs to understand how to behave on the road fully.

But if a car owner feels uncertain after a year, they can continue to leave the sticker on their vehicle. That is, Shoshinsha is the official symbol for beginner drivers. The JDM Leaf logo can also indicate a beginner’s status in any other field. For example, employees of some companies wear a special symbol on their badges until they gain the necessary experience.

What is JDM?

JDM is an abbreviation for the Japanese Domestic Market, a national culture of producing goods for domestic use. They are characterized by impeccable quality, excellent reliability, and high technology. Within this trend, the population uses several types of JDM Leaf markings, sticking the so-called Shoshinsha sign on cars, indicating that the driver is a beginner.

JDM Emblem

The emblem looks like the tip of an arrow with an indentation in the middle. It has wide symmetrical “wings” colored in different shades. The left side of the complex geometric figure is yellow; the right is green. The upper protrusions have smooth curvatures at the ends, and the lower part is pointed – at least internally, as the external line is not as sharp.

The position of the Wakaba symbol can vary, as it can be flat or tilted – angular, set on edge. By the way, the icon counts six faces. They are smooth and straight, indicating the car’s excellent aerodynamic capabilities. Moreover, the logo gives a sense of dynamics and energy. A black border strip runs along its perimeter.

Font and Colors

JDM Symbol

The JDM Leaf logo (or, more precisely, Shoshinsha) is graphical, so it doesn’t contain any text. But the color palette is very bright and saturated, so all road users can instantly spot this symbol. It’s colored in yellow and green. Regarding the automotive movement, the first symbolizes care, trust, and caution, while the second signifies awakening, life, and development.