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The Jedi logo is the epitome of these heroes’ supernatural powers. All symbols indicate that their goal is to fight evil to maintain world order and justice. The style of the emblem matches the clothes and weapons of the characters.

Jedi: Brand overview

Founded:25,000+ BBY
Founder:George Lucas
Jedi are fictional characters, guardians of the galaxy with superpowers, the Knights of the Republic from the Star Wars media franchise. These heroes are portrayed as a meritocratic, military, academic, and monastic organization that emerged thousands of years before the first film’s events and united into The Order. They follow the world order and justice, possess supernatural power, can read minds, perform feats, and move objects with the help of the mind. According to legend, the time of their appearance is 25,000+ BBY.

Meaning and History

Jedi Symbol

George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars) stressed that the Jedi are the most highly moral representatives of the galaxy. They have a mission, which is to uphold universal justice, prevent violence, and control the governments of all planets so that they do not do evil. Moreover, the author provided them with distinctive clothing and special weapons. Therefore, these characters are well recognizable by their brown tunics and cloaks and by glowing blue, red, and green swords with a plasma blade.

Based on the idea of ​​a franchise, the Jedi defend truth, peace, and democracy, while their opposites (the Sith) strive for the absolute and violent rule. Moreover, these are two sides of the same essence. The transition to the dark forces occurs due to an overabundance of negative emotions. As the author himself admitted, the concept of Jedi is based on real philosophical currents and religions – quite earthly and understandable. In particular, on Buddhism, Shinto, Templars, Shamanism, Taoism, Samurai Bushido, and many others. She was strongly influenced by the worldviews of Joseph Campbell and Friedrich Nietzsche.

What is Jedi?

Jedi are characters from the Star Wars media franchise created by George Lucas. These fictional characters are also called Knights of the Republic. They are part of an ancient organization that appeared long before everything that happens in the plot. Their mission is to maintain world order and uphold justice, for which they are endowed with supernatural powers.

All these factors directly or indirectly affected the original identity of the mythological images of invincible heroes. Their badge is the quintessence of morality and worldview of the guardians of the galaxy. A sword is concentrated in its center, which is presented in an allegorical style – in the form of an eight-pointed star, where the upper and lower rays replace the blade and handle. The background for all elements is a hollow circle in a wide frame. Naturally, the Jedi designation has never changed since the inception of the media franchise since it is an integral element of the work of art. Evolution is excluded in this case. Unless, of course, the latest character philosophy is created over time.

The visual symbol of the Jedi is a solid circle. It is one; there are no gaps in it. A wide band serves as a border for it. Inside are two open wings. They are paired, symmetrical mirrors, consisting of three sections each.

Moreover, their parts go in ascending order from bottom to top: the first element is narrow, the second is of medium thickness, and the third is the largest. They have very sharp ends, resembling needles. The wings are also placed in a circle, but of a smaller diameter and invisible, as evidenced by an imaginary strip, beyond which not a single stroke extends. Everything is perfectly smooth and even.

A star occupies the central place. She has six short rays (three on the right and left) and two long segments, indicating the sword of the Jedi. The ends of the star are concentrated at the point where the hilt should be, according to the structure of the piercing and cutting weapon. The blade going up is also narrow and sharp. Its opposite side, on the contrary, is wide and blunt. The background of the black details is the white space of the circle.

Font and Colors

Jedi Emblem

The Jedi Order logo does not contain any text part – no name, no motto, no general information. It contains only graphic elements. They are painted black to stand out clearly against a light background. This monochrome creates a hidden dynamic, demonstrating the idea of ​​eternal struggle and confrontation to maintain the light.

Jedi color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C