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The emblem reflects the ideal interior equipment and outstanding technical characteristics. The Jeep logo signifies premium cars that emerge with dignity from any falsity on the road.

Jeep: Brand overview

Jeep is a legendary American brand, and several enterprises have fought for their rights. Despite the controversy, its first creator was American Bantam, supplanted by stronger competitors. In particular, this car model was designed by the design engineer Karl Probst in 1941, and it took about five days. Then, in 1943, another automaker began to apply for the registration of this trademark. We are talking about the company Willys-Overland, which in 1945 managed to secure it for itself despite years of protests from other automakers. The brand is now part of the Stellantis corporation, including Chrysler, which bought it in 1987. The head office is located in Toledo, Ohio.

Meaning and History

Jeep Logo History

The brand began with a contract between the US Army and Bantam. To solve military problems during the Second World War, she needed a light, maneuverable, four-wheel-drive vehicle weighing no more than a quarter of a ton. The order for 70 experienced SUVs was received immediately. The plant’s chief engineer, Karl Probst, took over the work. He presented the necessary option to the management in less than five days. It was the same draft design that the modern world knows as Jeep. The military gave the manufacturer only 49 days to create and assemble the vehicles.

The test series included two batches: the first was a test cavity, and the second was revised and modified. After field conditions, the company made more adjustments to the design and immediately signed a contract to supply the Armed Forces of America with 1,500 models, called the Bantam BRC40. By the end of 1941, she had produced 2,605 units of such equipment.

The military liked the successful design of the Jeep so much that, without asking the consent of the developer and manufacturer (American Bantam), they handed over the drawings to its main competitor, Willys-Overland. Later, they did the same with her working sketches, giving them to another automaker (Ford Motor), with whom they signed a deal in 1942 to assemble cars on a large scale. Willys later applied for the rights to the Jeep trademark, which until then was just an army term. This was the slang term for recruits and new vehicles. There are several more versions of the origin of this name, but they are unlikely.

During the registration proceedings, the initial judgment was in favor of Bantam. The FTC then banned Willys-Overland from claiming it had designed and built the Jeep. However, in 1945, the company began manufacturing light all-wheel-drive vehicles under the Civilian Jeep (CJ) trademark. And in 1946, it received the official right to the name Jeep. Remaining the only company that assembled these cars after the war, it owned this trademark in 1950.

Over the years, the brand has had several versions of personal emblems, all associated with events around this all-wheel-drive vehicle. The litigation between Willys MA, Bantam BRC, and Ford GPW, which claimed the trademark, did not go unnoticed.

What is Jeep?

Jeep is an American SUV manufacturer. It is owned by Stellantis N.V. Corporation. from the Netherlands. The first car under this brand was released in 1945. Its predecessor was a military vehicle used by the US Army. A hallmark of the Jeep is the seven-slot grille.

1941 – 1945

Jeep Logo 1941-1945

The logo dates back to when the names of all three companies were combined when the military turned to create a light SUV. All the companies had blueprints, and each contributed to them. Therefore, under the large red word “Jeep,” it was written “WILLYS. BANTAM. FORD.” The carmakers were listed in the order in which the Armed Forces of America contacted them. The first company designed the car from scratch; the second adjusted the drawings, and the third launched the car into the mass assembly. The words were separated by dots, not at the bottom but in the middle.

1945 – 1963

Jeep Logo 1945-1963

Since 1945, the emblem has been simplified in both the number of elements and colors. The designers removed the companies claiming the copyright and repainted the word “Jeep” in black. In addition, they enlarged the caption, changed the font, and added one oblique stroke at the beginning and the end of the text, denoting quotation marks. The letters have been converted to lowercase (except for the first) and serifs (all but the “e”).

1963 – 1970

Jeep Logo 1963-1970

In 1963, the car brand approved another logo, in which the developers introduced new elements. So, he got a background, a frame, and a color. A circle with a metalized edge served as a base. This was because the designers made the edging with highlights and shadows, which led to the effect of volume with a mirrored reflection.

The inner part of the disc was divided into five parts: one horizontal rectangle in the middle and four triangles with a rounded outer edge. Two geometric shapes were olive green, and two were pastel red. The brand name was placed in the center on the white stripe, and the word was dyed olive.

1970 – today

Jeep Logo 1970-present

1970 brought a new typeface – sleek, streamlined, sans serif. The developers chose Neue Haas Grotesk and made the lettering black. Since then, the typeface has never changed, so “Jeep” still has a unified spelling.

1970 – 1987

Jeep Logo 1970-1987

The designers added an icon to the existing lettering, which consisted of two geometric shapes: a red triangle placed at an acute angle and a blue rectangle placed vertically. According to the concept, they graphically denoted the letters “JP” – an abbreviated version of the word “jeep.”

1987 – 1993

Jeep Logo 1987-1993

Using the previous inscription, the designers made a visually different emblem based on it. They changed the font color from black to white, added a thin five-pointed star, and placed it in a dark, rounded square. Moreover, the star resembles a geometric sign in shape, consisting of five edges, two of which form an obtuse angle at the top. The pentagon is the distinctive symbol of Chrysler.

1993 – today

Jeep Logo 1993-present

The current logo consists of the car brand’s name, which was made in the style approved in 1970. The large inscription is painted in dark olive green on a white background.

Jeep: Interesting Facts

Jeep is a well-known car brand in America, famous for being tough and good for driving off-road. It has an interesting history, starting from World War II to becoming a favorite among civilians.

  1. Start in the Military: The idea for Jeep came during World War II. The U.S. military wanted a small, four-wheel drive car for scouting. Willys-Overland and Ford made it happen, creating the Willys MB. The name “Jeep” might have come from the military term “G.P.” or a character named Eugene the Jeep from the Popeye comics, known for doing anything and going anywhere.
  2. Becoming Popular After the War: Jeeps became popular with regular people once the war ended. The CJ model, or Civilian Jeep, started today’s SUVs. It was a hit with farmers, ranchers, and anyone who loved the outdoors.
  3. Changing Owners: Jeep has had several owners over the years. It started with Willys-Overland and moved to Kaiser Motors and American Motors Corporation (AMC). Chrysler bought AMC in the late 1980s. Later, Chrysler joined Daimler-Benz and merged with Fiat to become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Now, Jeep is part of Stellantis, a company formed in 2021.
  4. The Jeep Wrangler: The Wrangler, directly descended from the WWII Jeep, keeps its original spirit alive. It’s known for its solid axles, perfect for off-roading. The Wrangler represents what Jeep stands for: freedom and adventure.
  5. The Seven-Slot Grille: Jeep’s seven-slot grille is famous. A popular story is that it symbolizes Jeep being driven on all seven continents.
  6. Expanding the Lineup: Jeep has added more models over time, like the luxurious Grand Cherokee, the tough Gladiator truck, and smaller SUVs like the Cherokee and Renegade. Jeep leads the creation of new types of SUVs and off-road vehicles.
  7. Fans All Over: Jeep has fans worldwide, with clubs and events celebrating the brand. This shows how much people love Jeep.
  8. An American Icon: In the U.S., the Jeep symbolizes strength, freedom, and adventure. It’s often seen in movies, TV shows, and stories about the military.
  9. Looking to the Future: Jeep plans to make electric versions of its cars, keeping up with the move towards more eco-friendly driving.
  10. Jeep in Everyday Language: The word “jeep” is now used to describe any small, off-road vehicle, showing Jeep’s big influence on the world.

Jeep has a unique historical place, evolving from a military vehicle to a civilian favorite. Its story is about adapting and staying popular with people everywhere.

Font and Colors

Jeep Emblem

Brand identity is directly related to its name. It is present in all variants of the logo. Moreover, its style changed once when the designers proposed a grotesque typeface.

Austere and simple, the Jeep emblem features chopped lettering with classic lettering, bold lines, and clean contours. The typeface is close to such options as Europa Grotesk SH SemiBold, Sequel Sans VF Heavy, and Helvetica Bold. But it’s Neue Haas Grotesk Black, introduced in 1970.

Jeep Symbol

The original palette is solid and restrained, consisting of a combination of white and black or olive. From 1963 to 1970, the logo also used pastel red, graphite, and silver colors.


What color is the Jeep logo?

The Jeep logo started green and then changed to black, which has remained ever since. This simple and bold black color fits well with the brand’s style. The logo has used the Helvetica Bold font since the 1970s, which helps make it bright and easily recognizable. This appearance has become a permanent element of the brand’s cars. Using black for the logo helps it stand out, which is important for getting noticed in the competitive automotive market. The logo design is simple and clear, reflecting the brand’s reputation for reliability and durability.

What does the Jeep logo mean?

The logo is simple and meaningful: the front of the car is represented by seven vertical stripes and two circles. These stripes are the grille slots, originally an essential feature of the cars, and the circles are the headlights. This design highlights the logo and shows the strong and reliable characteristics of the brand. This makes the logo easily recognizable to customers.

How many lines does the Jeep logo have?

The official logo consists of bold khaki letters and no lines. In addition to this logo, the brand uses a special emblem on its vehicles. This emblem consists of seven short vertical stripes flanked by two circles. These stripes mimic the slots on the grilles of its vehicles, a design unique to the brand. This combination of stripes and circles helps create a recognizable visual image for the brand.

What is the font of the Jeep logo?

The wordmark uses Helvetica Bold, a geometric sans-serif typeface known for its clear and modern appearance. This font fits well with a strong and clear brand image. Helvetica Bold belongs to the family of sans-serif fonts, known for their clean lines and good readability. Similar fonts to Helvetica Bold include Neue Haas Grotesk Black, Sequel Sans VF Heavy, and Europa Grotesk SH SemiBold. These fonts feature a geometric style and bold lettering, making them suitable for impactful and memorable branding.