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The Jeffree Star logo conveys the uniqueness of the company’s beauty products, in a classic image of a star. It is large, five-pointed, with a thin red border and an unusual “construction” inside. It contains the initials of the brand creator and his business partner – a “J” in both the regular and mirrored display. The glyph conveys professionalism and trust.

Jeffree Star: Brand overview

Founded:November 2014
Founder:Jeffree Star
Chatsworth, California, U.S.
Jeffree Star is an American cosmetic brand created by makeup artist, songwriter, and YouTuber Jeffree Star, born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. Currently, the company is managed by him and his business partner Jeff Cohen. The brand was launched in 2014, focusing on eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics.

Meaning and History

Jeffree Star Logo History

The idea of creating his own cosmetic line has been in Jeffree Star’s mind since 2013 when he unexpectedly left the music industry. The reason was legal issues. However, these difficulties helped him gain a powerful boost to start his own brand. It began with three types of liquid velvet lipsticks and expanded to eyeshadows, highlighters, scrubs, powders, foundation, and much more.

Overall, the former musician invested everything he had at the time, including his famous name. As a result, the company bears his stage pseudonym. The presence of another “J” (in the name of the investor and business partner) helped to easily solve the problem of visual identity: the logo creatively plays with the names of the current brand owners. They are hidden in the outlines of a large star, which allegorically conveys the creative nickname of the brand founder.

What is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a cosmetics company from the USA that produces vegan and safe products. It was founded in 2014 by performer, YouTuber, and makeup artist Jeffree Star with the investment support of Jeff Cohen. They both currently lead the brand.

2014 – today

Jeffree Star Logo

The basis of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo, naturally, is a star. At first glance, it is concise, simple, strict, and business-like. However, if you look closely at the details, you can understand that it is a very multi-layered image. It contains several components that symbolize the creative name of the company founder and even its co-owner – Jeff Cohen. That is, the emblem creatively plays with the names Jeffree and Jeff.

The star consists of thin red lines that form a white space inside. The rays are classic – precisely proportional, of equal width, with sharp points at the ends. In the center, two bold “J’s” harmoniously form a tall column. The letters are turned mirror-like towards each other and combined with a long side. The lower part of the glyphs is specifically curved, so they perfectly follow the contours of the rays. They have diagonally cut tips with a sharpening.

Below the large star, the full name of the cosmetic company is indicated, divided into two lines. In the top row is the phrase “Jeffree Star,” which also serves as the founder’s creative pseudonym. Below it is written “Cosmetics.” Both parts are separated by a thin line aligned in the center.

The creator of the cosmetic brand used his stage name for its title. This was a well-thought-out marketing move because the singer was already recognizable and famous in certain circles. Therefore, he decided to capitalize on his prominent name and invested all his available resources in the new project. A clever graphic feature was the presence of two “J” in the names of the actual owners of the company. They are playfully presented in the logo.

Font and Colors

Jeffree Star Emblem

Designers used a simple sans-serif font for the inscriptions. The letters are smooth, even, and tall, resembling glyphs from TT Bluescreens Rough Bold by Typetype. The color palette is a delicate red, close to a raspberry shade, but there are also black versions. The background, however, remains constant: it is always white.

Jeffree Star Symbol

Jeffree Star color codes

Persian PinkHex color:#Persian Pink
RGB:237 123 176
CMYK:0 48 26 7
Pantone:PMS 211 C