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Jequiti: Brand overview

Founder:Silvio Santos
São Paulo, Brazil
In 2006, the Brazilian landscape of beauty and cosmetics was enriched by the establishment of Jequiti, a venture by well-known television host and entrepreneur Silvio Santos. Headquartered in São Paulo, the company set out with a mission to create beauty products that were both affordable and of high quality.

The brand initially introduced a collection of fragrances and color cosmetics that resonated with Brazilian aesthetics and preferences. The following year, in 2007, Jequiti ventured into retail, opening its first physical store in São Paulo. Over the subsequent years, the brand expanded its retail footprint rapidly across Brazil.

By 2010, Jequiti’s product offerings had grown substantially to encompass over 200 items spanning makeup, skincare, haircare, and personal care. The brand’s products stood out for including native Brazilian ingredients like açaí and guaraná, contributing to their popularity.

To tap into the children’s segment’s potential, Jequiti unveiled products for children and infants in 2013. The brand then turned its attention beyond Brazilian borders in 2016, launching its products in Portugal and expanding into other markets across Europe and North America.

Jequiti today is one of Brazil’s largest cosmetics companies, employing over 1,500 individuals and distributing its products to 15 countries globally. With Rebeca Abravanel, founder Silvio Santos’s daughter, the company remains committed to its growth journey, frequently unveiling new products and continuously broadening its global reach.

Meaning and History

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What is Jequiti?

Since 2006, Jequiti, a noteworthy Brazilian beauty brand founded by esteemed business magnate Silvio Santos, has enthralled countless consumers. Being part of the prestigious Silvio Santos Group, Jequiti has earned a trusted place in the beauty realm, headquartered in the lively metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil.

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