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Jergens: Brand overview

Founder:Kao USA Inc
Ohio, United States
The roots of the Jergens brand trace back to 1901 in Cincinnati, Ohio, founded by a soap maker named Andrew Jergens. The company initially specialized in hand and body lotions before extending its product portfolio to include soaps and other personal care essentials.

A significant milestone in the company’s journey was the 1922 launch of its cherry-almond scented hand lotion, which quickly gained widespread popularity. Over the ensuing decades, Jergens continued to expand and innovate, introducing products such as moisturizing shampoos, deodorants, and shaving creams.

In 1988, Jergens came under the ownership of the Japanese cosmetics powerhouse, Kao Corporation. This acquisition catalyzed further expansion of Jergens’ skincare ranges, adding body washes, anti-aging creams, and in-shower body moisturizers to its repertoire.

Jergens’ most sought-after products today are the Cherry Almond & Shea Butter lotions, Wet Skin moisturizers, and Skin Firming creams. The brand stands as a cornerstone of Kao USA, the American branch of Kao Corporation, with an unwavering focus on creating body care products that are both affordable and widely accessible.

Today, Jergens operates manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Canada and distributes its products globally. The brand remains steadfast in its commitment to nurture and care for skin across generations, utilizing quality ingredients and crafting formulations that deliver real results.

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What is Jergens?

Since its establishment in 1882 by Andrew Jergens Sr. and Charles H. Geifus, Jergens has built a reputation as a dependable skincare brand. Originating as the Andrew Jergens Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, the firm swiftly earned acclaim for its innovative coconut soap, crafted specifically to overcome the water hardness issues of that era.

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