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Jidu: Brand overview

Jidu, the result of a joint venture between Geely and technology titan Baidu, entered the Chinese automotive scene in March 2021. The company, which has its operating base in Shanghai and is led by Xia Yiping, an experienced executive who has worked at Baidu and Alibaba, has set out to create smart electric cars aimed at Chinese consumers.

The company’s first attempt to gain public attention was the debut of its first concept, “Robo-01,” unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in early 2022. The self-driving prototype showcased Jidu’s future aesthetic and technological directions. Soon after, in mid-2022, the company opened its main “smart manufacturing center” in Hangzhou, which will be the birthplace of its future electric vehicle lineup.

Looking ahead, Jidu plans to launch its first mass-market smart electric sedan in 2023, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art driver support systems. In addition, the company has stated its intention to diversify its electric vehicle offerings from sedans to SUVs in the coming years.

With strong financial and technological backing from parent companies Geely and Baidu, Jidu is quickly positioning itself as a key contender in the rapidly changing landscape of China’s electric and autonomous vehicle sector.

Meaning and History

Jidu Logo History

2021 – today

Jidu Logo

The main Jidu logo consists of Chinese characters, but there is also an international version with the brand name in English. Both versions were designed by Studio Oker and unveiled in 2021. The futuristic design of the letters corresponds to the company’s focus on developing electric cars with artificial intelligence. In addition to text, the emblem includes an abstract symbol consisting of a square and a short arc. The shape of the symbol echoes the letter “u,” as it also consists of two geometric shapes connected in a similar way.

The futuristic design of the letters not only reflects the technological orientation of the company but is also designed to distinguish the brand in a competitive market. The abstract symbol consisting of a square and a short arc gives the logo an additional complexity. This symbol is interpreted as an indication of the integration of different technological components, similar to the way the square and arc are combined in the design.