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The Jidu logo incorporates ideograms and an English rendition of the brand’s name, signaling its global intent. Created by Studio Oker and unveiled in 2021, the futuristic letter design resonates with the company’s focus on developing artificial intelligence-enabled electric vehicles. Apart from the text, the emblem includes an abstract symbol composed of a square and a short arc, echoing the shape of “u,” both consist of two geometric figures connected similarly.

The visual elements within the emblem converge to form a coherent narrative. The abstract symbol—a square linked with an arc—prompts a sense of unity between hard edges and smooth curves, akin to the confluence of technology and organic human experience. This harmonious blend mirrors the brand’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge tech with everyday life.

The choice of a futuristic font aligns with the firm’s position as an avant-garde technology company. The characters appear fluid yet sturdy, evoking a sense of both motion and stability. This duality mirrors the brand’s objective: to push the boundaries of what is technologically possible while providing dependable, stable products.

Subtly integrated into the text is a symbolic representation of what the brand stands for. The abstract figure corresponds with the “u” in Jidu, signifying a synergy between the brand’s name and emblem. This coupling represents an aesthetic choice and an articulation of identity, emphasizing the seamless blending of technology and design.

Color choices in the logo often reveal much about a brand’s character, though this emblem’s primary focus is form rather than color. The design draws attention to its shapes and textual elements by keeping color schemes neutral or monochrome, further accentuating its future-forward orientation.

The multi-layered elements in the emblem serve as a miniature manifesto, encapsulating the firm’s mission, vision, and values. Each component specifically communicates the brand’s ethos, from abstract geometric shapes to futuristic typography. This emblem does not merely identify the brand but articulates its role as a leader in AI-enabled electric vehicles. It is a brief but profound declaration of intent, encapsulating multiple dimensions of a technologically ambitious brand.

Jidu: Brand overview

Founder:Geely and Baidu
Robobase, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
Born from a collaborative venture between Geely and tech titan Baidu, Jidu emerged on China’s automotive stage in March 2021. With its operational base in Shanghai and led by Xia Yiping, a seasoned executive with past stints at Baidu and Alibaba, the company set out to make a mark in smart, networked electric vehicles tailored for Chinese consumers.

The company’s first foray into public attention was the debut of its inaugural concept vehicle, dubbed “Robo-01,” showcased at the Beijing Auto Show in early 2022. The self-driving prototype showed Jidu’s future aesthetic and technological directions. Shortly after, in the middle of 2022, the company inaugurated its main “smart manufacturing hub” in Hangzhou, which will serve as the birthplace of its forthcoming line of electric vehicles.

Looking ahead, Jidu aims to roll out its first mass-market, intelligent electric sedan in 2023, with the vehicle expected to come equipped with cutting-edge driver support systems. Beyond that, the company has made clear its ambition to diversify its electric offerings, ranging from sedans to SUVs, in the years ahead.

Given the robust financial and technological support it enjoys from its parent companies, Geely and Baidu, Jidu is rapidly positioning itself as a key contender in the fast-evolving landscape of China’s electric and autonomous vehicle sector.

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