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Jim Beam whiskey and bourbon, whose logo crowns each of the decals, are products of the world’s number 1 brand. The Jim Beam logo symbolizes the company’s close connection with its historical heritage and the steadfastness of traditions, becoming a sort of quality mark.

Jim Beam: Brand overview

Founder:Beam Suntory
United States
Jim Beam is an American brand of whiskey and bourbon. It is the world’s number 1 brand, leading the top 3 of elite alcohol. It was located in Kentucky. The company was founded by Jacob Beam. It entered the market in 1795 under the name Old Tub Bourbon. In 1934, it changed its name to Jim Beam, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Today, it is owned by Beam Suntory, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings, which acquired it in 2014.

Meaning and History

Jim Beam Logo History

After seven years of Beams’ dynasty ruling, the authentic spirits manufacturer came under the control of Suntory Holdings. The new owner retained the founding family in the company structure and the legendary brand’s former name with a well-promoted name. It also preserved the iconic Jim Beam label.

The logo is a classic print. Previously, such seals were used to stamp messages, letters, documents, goods, and everything important. They were usually sealed with melted wax or hot sealing wax, poured onto the ends of ropes, cords, twines, and ribbons, and then stamped with an individual impression. This seal has become the trademark of the alcoholic company.

The Jim Beam bottle is also legendary. Over several centuries of its existence, it has become integral to the brand’s symbolism, without which it is simply unimaginable. Over the years, it has remained unchanged. It has a simple appearance and harmoniously combines with the label design, which contains the logo and a wealth of important information. It features portraits of the main master blenders – significant figures in the family business, with whom the production of bourbon began.

Placing representatives of all seven generations next to the logo is incredibly valuable to the company. As Fred Noe, a winemaker and descendant of Jim Beam, notes, each family member is a milestone in the family’s history and a page in the company’s development. Therefore, the new owners equated their images with the emblem, making them a subject of particular pride.

The key to creating the iconic brand concept was the grand idea of the family: to enclose a unique heritage in a capsule bottle that future generations can open and appreciate. An entire design philosophy for the label and logo was developed to promote this idea, named “Living Legacy.”

What is Jim Beam?

Jim Beam is one of the most popular bourbon brands. It got its current name in 1943 but has existed much longer. Its recipe has been perfected by seven generations of the Beam family, starting with a farmer who began producing corn whiskey in 1795. Now, the brand is owned by a Japanese group of companies called Suntory Holdings Limited.

1795 – 1880

Old Jake Beam Sour Mash Logo 1795-1880

The debut emblem is essentially a flyer listing a multitude of marketing information. The top part is completely occupied by the large word “Beam,” signifying the dynasty of the alcoholic brand’s founders. Below is a photograph of the man the brand is dedicated to. To the right and left of the image are two five-pointed gold stars. The words “Colonel,” written in small capital letters, and “James Beam,” written in large bold letters, follow. Important product and manufacturer details are indicated below. All elements are placed within a rectangular frame with rounded corners.

1880 – 1943

Old Tub Logo 1880-1943

When the family business grew into a large company, the owners rebranded. As a result, an emblem appeared with the then-name Old Tub. The inscription was placed in the center, in the form of an arch, and was painted red. The same palette was applied to other phrases in the lower zone: “Kentucky Straight” and “Bourbon Whiskey.” But unlike the first, they did not have gray shadows, so they looked two-dimensional, while the top looked three-dimensional – convex and voluminous. Drawings depicting attributes for preparing alcohol were also painted gray. On the huge barrel on the sides were short ribbons with the inscriptions “Our” and “Mash.”

1943 – today

Jim Beam Logo 1943-present

The modern version contains almost the same elements as before but in a simplified form. Instead of the expanded name of the dynasty – the letter “B,” instead of the large-scale image of the product – a sealing wax seal with a ribbon, instead of a multitude of informational data – the name of the fund and the year the brand was released, grouped in a circle. All designated is the graphic part of the logo and occupies the lower area. Above it is a curved “Jim Beam” inscription with shadows for each character, so it looks voluminous.

Jim Beam: Interesting Facts

Jim Beam is a famous bourbon brand that’s been around since 1795. Jacob Beam started it. It’s known worldwide and has a lot of history and tradition.

  1. A Family Thing: The Beam family has been making bourbon for seven generations. They’ve passed on their bourbon-making secrets from one generation to the next.
  2. Surviving Tough Times: When it was illegal to make alcohol in the U.S. (1920-1933), Jim Beam managed to keep going by making alcohol for medical use. After that law was lifted, they quickly got back to making bourbon.
  3. The Special Recipe: The bourbon’s special taste comes from a recipe made by Jacob Beam, the guy who started it all. This recipe is a big secret that’s helped keep their bourbon tasting the same for years.
  4. More Than Just Jim Beam: The Beam family didn’t just make Jim Beam; they’ve helped start other bourbon brands, showing how much they’ve influenced American whiskey.
  5. The World Loves It: Jim Beam is the number one seller of bourbon in the world, and it is enjoyed by people in over 200 countries.
  6. Lots of Flavors: Jim Beam has made many different bourbons, including ones with apple, honey, and vanilla flavors, so there’s something for everyone.
  7. How It’s Made: Bourbon is aged in brand-new barrels charred inside, making it taste deep, rich, and complex.
  8. A Very Special Bourbon: Booker’s Bourbon is a special drink from Jim Beam, named after Jim Beam’s grandson. It’s one of the first bourbons sold in small batches and doesn’t get watered down or filtered much.
  9. Come and See: The Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, is where people can see how bourbon is made. It’s part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and offers tours and tastings.

Jim Beam’s story is about sticking through hard times, making good bourbon, and always trying new things. People worldwide like it because it has a rich taste and a long history of making whiskey correctly.

Font and Colors

Jim Beam Emblem

Jim Beam’s branding reflects the brand’s connection with its past and future. It represents a unified family of products telling the true American success story. The company immortalized it in its iconic logo by forming a strong pedigree.

It features a red imprint as if from freshly sealed hot sealing wax. Above it is a capital letter “B” – large, broad, clear, with serifs and truncated corners. It denotes the Beam dynasty and is well-known worldwide, so it is also used on other products.

Jim Beam Symbol

A double ring of thin black lines surrounds the letter sign. Around it is the inscription “Beam Formula. The standard since 1795.” The edges of the sealing wax seal are uneven, as close to real as possible. Below is a wide ribbon folded in half. The matte finish also conveys the brand’s legend along the cap, exquisite prints, and gilded foil. The emblem’s color palette is a classic combination of white, red, yellow, and black colors. Their shades vary depending on the type of product.

Jim Beam color codes

Aztec GoldHex color:#b4944A
RGB:180 148 74
CMYK:9 29 66 24
Pantone:PMS 465 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Jim Beam logo mean?

The Jim Beam logo reflects a connection with the past because the seal looks as if it belongs to the Beam family. At least the letter B in the center represents the first letter of the surname. It’s a symbol of unbreakable traditions, a sort of quality mark.

What does the Jim Beam logo represent?

The main element of the Jim Beam logo looks like a sealing or wax seal with a ribbon. In the center of the red circle is a large white letter “B,” and around the edges is the inscription “JIM BEAM SINCE 1795.” Above the seal is the brand name, for which the designers used two colors: black and beige.

What font is used in the Jim Beam logo?

The phrase “JIM BEAM” is written in a non-standard font with triangular serifs created specifically for the logo. The same can be said about the capital letter “B” in the center of the font, but its sides are truncated on the right side. The text “JIM BEAM SINCE 1795” is set in bold letters and numbers with thin, short serifs.