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Johnson's Baby Logo
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Johnson’s Baby is a popular brand of children’s cosmetics owned by the American company Johnson & Johnson. He offers a huge list of products for children of different ages – from babies to adolescents. It was founded in 1980 when the series of products of the same name was first released.

Meaning and History

Johnson's Baby Symbol

The parent company retained the same visual identity for its lineup that it uses itself. There are two reasons for this: the first is the instant recognition of the brand and buyers’ trust from many countries of the world, the second is the demonstration of close ties with its subsidiary company. Like the main manufacturer, Johnson’s Baby has had only one logo in its entire history.

The personal mark consists of the truncated name Johnson & Johnson. The fact that it does not refer to one person but several people with the same surname is evidenced by the apostrophe and the letter “s.” As a result, the ‘s’ symbol became the main identification mark of the emblem. The second word is “baby,” which indicates the purpose of the products.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Johnson's Baby Emblem

To visually differentiate the words, the designers proposed two types of typefaces for the logo. The upper inscription is made in the usual semi-handwritten style with vertical letters. The lower one is made in italics, emphasizing the serifs on the leg of the two “b” and with the bend of the upper left segment “y.” The color is classic blue with a blue tint.