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Soft curls and curls can be seen behind the Joico logo. The emblem promises strengthening and thickening of the hair, no split ends easy styling. After washing, the strands become crumbly and do not tangle at all.

Joico: Brand overview

United States
Joico is an American brand founded in the early 1970s. It develops and manufactures hair and scalp care products. This company was the first to use innovative technologies for saturating shampoos with proteins and keratins. In 2002, she was acquired by Shiseido, the structure of which she now leads.

Meaning and History

Joico Symbol

For the logo’s role, the trademark chose its name and supplemented it with a slogan to contain maximum information and stands out favorably among other symbols. The inscriptions are arranged in two lines: at the top – the word “Joico,” at the bottom – the phrase “The art of healthy hair.” The time of the appearance of the personal mark coincided with the release of the first branded product.

The letters “O” and “C” in the name are flattened, “J” has a smoothly elongated bend, and “I” has both bevels rounded on the leg. Moreover, all the signs are wide. This is done on purpose so that the symbols are shaped like strands of hair. The lower inscription is much thinner: it is familiar, with angular letters. The words are at a great distance from each other and take up all the space under the top element.

What is Joico?

Joico is a brand that offers professional hair care and styling products. It was launched in 1975 in Southern California, USA. Until 2017, the brand was owned by the Shiseido Group, and then it became a subsidiary of the Henkel Corporation along with its parent company.

Joico: Interesting Facts

Joico is a top hair care brand that makes products to help hair look healthy and beautiful. It’s all about using science and creativity to make hair care better.

  1. Starting Point: Joico began with the idea of making hair strong, healthy, and pretty. They believe that when hair looks good, one feels more confident.
  2. Cool Science: They use smart science in their products, like the Quadramine Complex®. This special mix helps fix and protect hair, making it healthier.
  3. Famous Products: One of their big hits is the K-PAK Reconstructor. It’s a treatment that helps repair damaged hair, showing how much Joico cares about making hair look its best.
  4. Color Love: Joico is great for people with colored hair. Their products keep the color looking bright and prevent it from fading quickly.
  5. Learning for Stylists: Joico doesn’t just make products and teaches hairstylists new styles and techniques through classes and online videos.
  6. Worldwide Reach: Joico products are available worldwide, meaning the brand greatly influences hair trends everywhere.
  7. Awards Galore: The beauty world has given Joico many awards for its products.
  8. Art and Hair: Joico loves creativity in hairstyling. They work with top hairstylists to create new looks and colors.
  9. Helping Out: The brand also helps with charity work, supporting good causes that help with health, education, and the environment.

Joico combines science with art to create hair care products that keep hair looking awesome. They care about making products that are good for hair and the world.

Font and Colors

Joico Emblem

The text in the logo has different spellings. The top line is rather an individual typeface; the bottom line is the classic one, representing the Sans Serif category. In the first case, the letters are thickened; in the second, they are thin. But the color is the same everywhere – black inscriptions on a white background.

Joico color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C