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The Jonas Brothers logo is free and stylish. It represents popular celebrities who create their albums, videos, and songs apart from the band. The symbol speaks of people of great talent and broad interests.

Jonas Brothers: Brand overview

Founded:2005 – 2013, 2019 – present
Founder:Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas
Wyckoff, New Jersey, U.S.
Jonas Brothers – an American pop trio consisting of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. The brothers have recorded eight singles and five albums, selling 20 million copies. They have performed in Times Square, conducted several tours across America, and embarked on a world tour. The group has actively appeared in films, and their lives and creativity have been dedicated to 2 series. They worked with the two most famous labels in the USA and founded their own – Jonas Enterprises. Even during breaks in the band’s work, each member pursued an individual career in show business.

Meaning and History

Jonas Brothers Logo History

The brothers from New Jersey initially aspired to stardom. From the ages of 6-7, they sang in Broadway productions. They appeared on the famous Disney channel, recorded their first album with the oldest label Columbia Records, and then worked with Hollywood Records. Therefore, their logos are designed with a touch of VIP and aristocracy. The accent in each symbol focuses on the band’s unique feature – singers from one family. The familial ties are emphasized both in the trio’s name and overall style. Rebranding has been linked to changes in labels and new discs.

Who are the Jonas Brothers?

Three brothers who became a music group. They owe their popularity to Nick Jonas’s star voice, which caught the attention of a producer from Columbia Records. Later, the brothers quickly found their way to the screens, appearing in episodes of Hannah Montana, two parts of the movie Camp Rock, and even getting their two-season show, Jonas. Together they recorded four albums, then took a break for six years, reuniting as grown married men.

2005 – 2010

Jonas Brothers Logo 2005

The symbol appeared with the artist’s first album, “It’s About Time.” Work on it began in 2005 after signing a contract with Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony.

The emblem is a heraldic shield, bordered by images of a scepter with an orb and crowned with a royal crown.

The royal monogram inside the image secures the performers’ reputation as representatives of noble lineage. The idea itself to take the surname as the basis and create the brothers Jonas’s crest as an identity was inspired by the group’s family ties. The boys’ father, Paul Kevin Jonas, is a musician and composer, and their mother is a singer. All the brothers: eldest Kevin, middle Joe, and youngest Nick, chose music. Therefore, the logo’s symbols hint at a musical dynasty.

The image includes either an English or Italian crown. The English tiara is connected with the historical past of Jonas homeland in New Jersey. The lands belonged to the English for more than 200 years before independence. The Italian diadem was chosen in connection with the origin of the surname Jonas.

However, the theme of the crown at the top of the coat of arms also says that all the brothers are children of the Heavenly King since they have been believers since childhood. Their father, a church pastor, raised the children to worship God.

The group’s name is derived from familial ties. Interestingly, the group was originally called Sons of Jonas. Still, during the recording, the guys changed their name to Jonas Brothers, and the abbreviation of these words became the logo’s centerpiece. Both letters’ main lines merged, further emphasizing the musicians’ family bonds.

Below the image, the band’s name is written in a curvy script.

It’s interesting to note that there are four brothers in the family, but only three participate in the group since the youngest was only five years old at the time of the founding. However, he also chose the path of showmanship: acting in films, writing songs, and singing.

2012 – 2013

Jonas Brothers Logo 2012

The contract with the label Hollywood Records was terminated in 2012, and the brothers went “freelance,” founding Jonas Enterprises. In 2013, a fifth music album was planned, but only a live version was released, along with an announcement of the band’s breakup.

The emblem of the “free” Jonas became the capital letters of the group’s name. The symbol for the LiVe-disc is executed in a techno style. The letters, as if overlaid on a barely visible cubic grid – the framework of some construction or computer model. The writing style is different from common fonts. Each symbol appears voluminous. Its contours – filled with gold individual grid cubes – create a partial image of the letters of the inscription.

Lilac-purple lines remind of the colored spotlighting during a stage performance. The color selection points to the theme of creativity and self-expression. The black background around – a prototype of the concert hall.

The monogram seems majestic and grand. The observer sees its creation in dynamics. A view of the “construction” site is aided by looking at the structure slightly from above downwards. This technique shows that the group is in the process of formation. The brothers are young and are finding themselves. The unfinished model seemingly foretold the group’s breakup at “half-word.”

2019 – today

Jonas Brothers Logo

In 2019, the now mature group decided to return to the stage and released a new album, Happiness Begins with the Universal label, for which a new logo was designed.

The symbol is executed in an entirely different style, completely distinct from the regally celebratory monograms of the past. A stylish and modern inscription with the band’s name is created using capital letters with serifs. The choice of font emphasizes the musicians’ image. It points to education, culture, and upbringing, elevating the performers to Olympus.

The high bar reflected in the emblem hints at their origin from a family of musicians, working with celebrities on stage and TV from an early age. The brothers indeed have excellent education and experience in the music sphere, which provide a polish to their talent.

The distance between the symbols has been increased. The technique conveys:

  • the lightness of melodies,
  • a multitude of ideas for creativity,
  • diversity in execution techniques.

It shows an expanded space, indicating that each member of the band is a bright personality, a solo career, and creative plans.

Font and Colors

The fonts of the emblems used by the musicians include a significant amount of monochrome black. This color symbolizes the absence of competition, portraying the musicians as unique. The shade is complemented by gold, showcasing the musicians’ accomplishments and popularity. The purple hue of the second emblem embodies talent and creativity.

The capital letters of the inscription speak of global fame. The characters correspond to HG Mincho PRO. Subtle serifs hint at the individuality and uniqueness of the group.

Jonas Brothers color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C