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Joy Division Logo

Joy Division Logo
Joy Division Logo PNG

Joy Division is a British rock band that has performed gothic rock and post-punk music since 1976. He achieved world recognition, but during his existence, he managed to release only two albums. The group disbanded in 1980 when songwriter and vocalist Ian Kevin Curtis committed suicide due to depression that developed amid persistent epileptic seizures.

Meaning and History

Joy Division Logo History
Evolution of the Joy Division Logo

In 1976-1977. the band was called Warsaw after David Bowie’s Warszawa composition. In 1978 she changed her name to avoid accidental confusion with Warsaw Pakt. In the same year, she got a logo: a simple inscription “Joy Division” on a white background.

This phrase is found in the song No Love Lost, which was included in the debut mini-album An Ideal For Living. The text of the piece refers to the novel by the Auschwitz prisoner, Jewish writer Ka-Tsetnik 135833. It mentions the Joy Division, where the Nazis kept concentration camp prisoners in sexual slavery.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Joy Division Emblem

The rock band emblem is minimalistic. It consists of the full name of the band. The font resembles Trajan, which is part of the Modern Ancients display typeface. It is a typeset version of the monumental writing used for the words on Trajan’s Column in Rome.

Joy Division Symbol

It is characterized by thin, sharp-angled letters with prominent serifs, flowing lines, and elegant sweeping curves. Interestingly, this font was not created until 1989. Until then, the name Joy Division looked completely different.