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Just Eat is a British food delivery service covering thirteen countries globally, including countries in Europe, the Americas, and Australia. It first appeared in the city of Kolding (Denmark), where it was founded by three entrepreneurs: Jesper Buch, Per Meldgaard, Henrik Ostergaard. The time of its occurrence is 2001. It is now a private limited liability company known as an online service that acts as an intermediary between catering establishments and their customers. The company helps to find restaurants, place orders, pay for them and choose the most convenient delivery method.

Meaning and History

Just Eat Logo History
Evolution of the Just Eat Logo

What is Just Eat?

It is a UK-based home delivery company operating in thirteen countries around the world. She was founded in 2001 when she first appeared in Kolding (Denmark). Now the head office is located in London (England).

It all started in 2000 when five Danish businessmen decided to start their food delivery service. It took them almost a year to settle various legal and technical nuances, until in the summer of 2001, the service began to work in full force. In 2005, Jesper Buch bought out investors and founders’ shares, moving the business to the UK.

From that moment on, Just Eat’s global expansion began. First on the list were the Netherlands and Ireland, where the firm opened its own offices. This was followed by a series of mergers, acquisitions, and expansions, making the online service logo well recognized almost worldwide. In 2016, having achieved high growth, the organization carried out the largest rebranding in its history, radically changing its image. Over the years, she had five emblems.

2001 – 2011

Just Eat Logo 2001-2011

The debut logo was a simple text in a custom font. It had no serifs, and the smooth lines visually created harmonious transitions, inspiring a sense of trust in the company. All the corners on the letters were rounded, and the ends had even cuts. The lettering was red with yellow edging. There was a hyphen (-) between the words “Just” and “Eat.” Moreover, this option was the only one where it was used.

2011 – 2014

Just Eat Logo 2011-2014

During the 2011 redesign, the company received a completely different identity. From now on, her emblem adorned an inscription made in wide white symbols with a thick red line along the edge. All letters have been converted to uppercase and connected by a contour strip. The key element of the logo was “A,” which, instead of the usual triangular-shaped inner lumen, appeared a miniature arrow, like on a monitor. Such changes underlined the company’s confidence and reliability and showed a virtual service for ordering food over the Internet.

2014 – 2016

Just Eat Logo 2014-2016

In this version, the developers have increased the coverage area in red. They turned the border strip into a solid rounded rectangle with the name of the delivery service. The designers did not change the letter “A” with the arrow-cursor, leaving the same.

2016 – 2020

Just Eat Logo 2016-2020

The changes made in 2016 made the logo simpler. Management approved a version with italic text in a sleek, thin sans serif typeface. The background and letter colors were reversed, so the emblem looked like red text on a crisp white backing.

2020 – today

Just Eat Logo 2020-present

Why did Just Eat change their logo?

Just Eat changed its logo in 2020 due to the move to Takeaway.com, which bought it. After the redesign, the brand badge has a silhouette of an orange house with white cutlery in negative space – a fork and spoon.

The year 2020 saw a radical change in the company’s image. The combination of Just Eat and Takeaway Com has resulted in an orange logo. It now depicts the silhouette of a house with a fork and spoon in negative space. Right there, on the right, there is an inscription “Just Eat,” the previous style of which is completely preserved.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Just Eat Emblem

Corporate identity has always been based on the name of the company. But if it was exclusively an inscription in the first years of the online service, it is supplemented with a drawing: a picture of a house and cutlery. Moreover, the modernization mainly affected only the text.

Because Just Eat uses a verbal logo, it prioritizes the lettering style. In the debut version, the characters were in lowercase, in all others – in uppercase. The predominant fonts were Fuse V.2 Text Black or Source Sans Pro Light Regular with some revision and Jano Round Bold Italic, Amfibia Bold Expanded, or Caldina Bold Italic. The latest version uses a typeface that is as close as possible to Mangerica Italic Extra Bold.

Just Eat Symbol

What is the purpose of Just Eat?

The tasks of this service include the provision of online food ordering services to your home or office. It allows placing orders and paying for them, choosing options with self-pickup or delivery to the door.

WHY WAS Just Eat order Canceled?

The order is canceled in exceptional cases: due to sold-out products, extreme weather conditions, technical problems, and when customers are not available. It will also be canceled if the customer or the restaurant does not confirm the application.

What is the Just Eat font?

Fuse V. 2 Text Black, Amfibia Bold Expanded Italic, Caldina Bold, or Jano Round Bold Italic with minor changes were used for the inscriptions in the Just Eat logos in different periods.

On the other hand, the color of the emblems is stable. All logos, except for the current one, use a combination of red and white. The current emblem is colored orange # ff8100 (tentatively – Dark Orange).