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The K-R-I-T Motor Car logo features a symbol that, to modern eyes, is laden with historical implications: a swastika. Yet, the automaker is not associated with Germany or any ideologies linked to the symbol as recognized today. The swastika originated in the mid-1910s, and it represented the sun and was a sign of prosperity and good luck. The swastika is situated within a blue circle and is accompanied by the letters “K,” “R,” “I,” and “T.” The logo’s outer gray ring displays the brand’s full name and hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

The blue circle surrounding the swastika symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. Blue is also commonly associated with stability and depth, qualities that any automotive manufacturer would aspire to be synonymous with. The color choice likely aims to evoke a sense of reliability and nobility, critical attributes in the automotive industry.

The swastika, despite its subsequent association with negative ideologies, was initially a sign of life, sun, power, strength, and good luck in various cultures around the globe. Its usage by the automaker during the 1910s should be seen through the lens of its historical context. The symbol had not yet been appropriated at that time for nefarious purposes.

K-R-I-T Motor Car chose the swastika as a symbol of what were then considered qualities of prosperity, good fortune, and a bright future. For the company, it represented an optimistic outlook towards an era of automotive innovation and progress, unburdened by the symbol’s later, darker implications.

The letters “K,” “R,” “I,” and “T” in the logo further personalize the emblem. These initials presumably stand for key principles or values significant to the company. It’s a common practice for companies to use acronyms or initialisms to convey their mission or ethos succinctly.

The outer gray ring provides geographical context, grounding the company in its hometown of Detroit, Michigan—a city deeply tied to the automotive industry. This inclusion speaks to the brand’s roots and perhaps pays homage to the legacy and history of car manufacturing in the United States.

This logo serves as an intriguing case study of how the meaning of symbols can dramatically shift over time due to historical and cultural developments. It encapsulates a range of meanings—from the specific values it may have intended to convey to broader cultural and historical shifts that have since loaded the chosen symbol with new and complex implications.

K-R-I-T Motor Car: Brand overview

Founded:1909 – 1916
Detroit, Michigan, United States
In 1909, Detroit, Michigan, became home to a new automotive venture, the K-R-I-T Motor Car Company. Founded by a collective of investors, among them Kenneth Crittenden, who is believed to be the inspiration for the company’s name, K-R-I-T aimed to offer affordable vehicles to the American middle class. Within a year, they rolled out their inaugural model, a five-seater tourer with a price tag of just $500.

Interestingly, the company initially incorporated the swastika, then a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, into its brand insignia well before the symbol became infamously associated with Nazism. Over its lifespan, the company expanded its offerings to include compact two-seaters and larger, four-cylinder touring vehicles. Despite these developments, K-R-I-T struggled to meet its production targets, churning out only several hundred cars yearly against an envisioned capacity of 1,000 to 2,000.

By 1915, the company became increasingly unable to compete with more established automakers, and sales started to wane. A year later, in 1916, the company declared bankruptcy, ending its seven-year run. In that period, K-R-I-T had managed to produce around 3,000 vehicles. While it garnered attention for its distinct name and original symbol, K-R-I-T’s story is a cautionary tale of small, independent car manufacturers’ challenges.

Meaning and History

K-R-I-T Motor Car Logo History

1909 – 1913

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1913 – 1916

K-R-I-T Motor Car Logo