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Kik Messenger Logo

Kik Messenger Logo
Kik Messenger Logo PNG

Kik Messenger isn’t just an online chat app. It has long become a full-fledged platform and acquired its browser to make the user experience much more convenient. Kik Interactive Inc. previously owned this project and then was bought out by the MediaLab holding. The new owner first decided to focus on monetizing Kik and integrating the Kin token.

Meaning and History

Kik Messenger Logo History
Evolution of the Kik Messenger Logo

Kik Interactive Corporation was founded by a group of young guys from the University of Waterloo. They wanted to create their messenger designed for smartphones and similar to the Chinese WeChat. They succeeded: in 2010, the world saw a new messaging application. Even then, its technical potential provided for the ability to use internal web applications freely.

Investors doubted the project’s success for a long time, so Ted Livingston convinced them of the opposite for about six months. He was the author of the concept and previously worked at BlackBerry, so he was well versed in the specifics of mobile programs.

At first, the messenger was called KIK Chat, but then it was renamed so that there was no obvious analogy with WeChat. Over time, the application gained a built-in browser, custom spam control, the ability to send videos and create emojis on its own, and many other features.

2010 – 2017

Kik Messenger Logo 2010-2017

The interface design is improved after each update. The only thing that remains static is the logo, which contains a green “Kik” lettering with a blue dot at the end. Even after the MediaLab holding bought the messenger, it did not change and experimented with it. We can say that the new owner saved the application from closing because Ted Livingston was going to get rid of the troubled startup that led to the proceedings with the SEC. The lawsuit is related to the sale of cryptocurrency in 2017.

2017 – present

Kik Messenger Logo 2017-present

After the sale of the application, all the changes that the new owner made to the visual identity is a color change. Green became the main color of the brand lettering and the dot at the end.

All versions of Kik designed for different operating systems (Amazon, Windows Phone, Android, iOS) share a common recognizable logo. This is a wordmark with nothing extra: the inscription focuses on the program’s name, and the dot at the end makes the design clear and concise.The Kik Messenger badge is in line with the concept of minimalism that has become fashionable in recent years. It has no additional graphic elements – just a short word and a dot on the background of a white square with rounded corners. But even that was enough to make the app recognizable. Now the logo is associated with the main functions of an online chat, for registration in which you do not need to provide a phone number. Realizing its importance in the identity system, MediaLab did not change the design because it wanted to preserve the good graces of old users and emphasize the stability of the platform.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Kik Messenger Emblem

The most important thing about the Kik Messenger wordmark is the font, which predetermined the appearance of the lettering. It is very similar to RM Playtime, although it differs in small details. The first thing that catches your eye is the different arrangement of the strokes in the letter “k.” In addition, the logo uses a lowercase “i” without a dot. The second similar font is Chevin ExtraBold. He also has several differences; first of all, changed angles and proportions. The main color of the inscription was and remained Atlantis green (# 61CB2B). It is also used for a small circle at the end.

Kik Messenger Symbol